Website Security

Want a more secure website? Is your website to valuable an asset to be lost due to hackers or compromised by malicious activity on the web?

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your website security, you’re not alone. With the risk of hacking and other external intrusions at record levels, it’s a good time to take a look at what can be done to improve your website’s security.

Here are three ways ASCENT can help improve your Website’s security.

Security Certificates

web serverGetting a security certificate may involve some transition and has some costs involved, but it’s worth it. Even search engines now default to search for the “https:” version, or secure version, of a website, and Google favors websites with a security certificate in their search results.

If you are doing e-transactions on your site, a security certificate is a requisite helping to keep your customers safe by allowing the site to go through a more secure protocol than the standard HTTP protocol. That’s not just better security for your business, but your customers too.

Avoid Cheap Shared Hosting

web serverLow-cost hosting is great for starting a web presence, but it’s a stopgap solution at best for a professional business website. Your security can be highly compromised depending on the structure of the shared hosting system you are on. If there are sites with compromised security on the shared server, they may affect every site on the folder, meaning your security is not even under your full control.

You’re also competing for bandwidth against other sites on the shared hosting space. It’s better to get dedicated hosting with scalable options so that your site can grow with your business and eliminate being lumped in a ‘bad neighborhood’ where malicious activity is occurring on a shared server. And you can do without the potential security holes that might be found on a shared hosting network.

At ASCENT, we offer affordable, quality Web hosting with a dedicated IP address helping to keep your Website out of less desirable neighborhoods and offer single-site SSL certificates.

Proactive Website Security Services

web serverWhen hackers gain access to a site, it can get ugly. You may have messages appearing in Google such as ‘This site may be hacked’ and those in control of your site may demand a ransom payment. The consequences really can be catastrophic.

One of the most efficient, affordable ways in securing your website is to utilizing the proactive site monitoring and security service from SiteLock, a company which specializes in online security.

Just as you would hire security experts or a security system to make sure that your most valuable real-world information is safe, uses a variety of tools to make sure that your site is being monitored for vulnerabilities and the potential for break-ins by malicious actors. For example, SiteLock provides added protection against DDoS attacks and searches for malware intrusion that can be caused from inside your organization.


By using SiteLock, you can ensure that your site is being watched for potential threats and protected in advance. It’s like having a security alarm for your website. And if you’re concerned about your online security, SiteLock can provide real peace of mind.

Talk to Us to Improve Your Site’s Security

ASCENT has partnered with SiteLock to make this service available to our customers. Utilizing our Web hosting services is not required for this service, nor is having a security certificate on your site.

With more and more of our business transactions moving online, it’s essential to make sure your website is as secure as possible. Take steps now to make your website security a priority.