Website Administration

Website administration can be a time consuming, involved task. Administrative tasks for a website may include selecting and working with a web host, registering and renewing domains, loading website pages via FTP, handling web page redirects, and addressing any problems with your site’s up time or performance.

Web Hosting


Web hosting is what allows your website to be up and running 24/7. We can ensure that your website has quality hosting as part of our services. We have considerable experience using control panels and the many tools available from a quality web host.

We can properly set your domain name servers and can help resolve any technical issues you are having with your website and help ensure it is up and running optimally for your business.

Domain Registration


In order to get and hold a domain name on the World Wide Web, you need to register it and then renew it on an annual basis ASCENT Internet Marketing can also help you with these tasks. We have used the services of several larger domain registration services and know what it takes to keep your domains active and up to date.

If you are interested in registering new domain name(s), we can also work with you in this process to identify and evaluate the keywords and related domains that best suit your business needs and what it will take to acquire them.

Loading Web Pages


Each time you add new pages or make changes to your existing web pages, you need to login to your web hosting account and load the page(s) via an FTP server. If you are using WordPress, the process is simplified. ASCENT can help you with these tasks.

Redirecting Web Pages


If you have existing pages on your web server but wish to change the file extension names, you may need to do a 301 Redirect for the web page. Reasons you might want to change the file names may include changing from .html to .php pages, new naming conventions, or choosing a file name that better fits the contents of the page. ASCENTcan help you accomplish these task.

Use ASCENT For Website Administration


Managing a website can take up a lot of time. Free up your resources and focus on your stengths and growing your business. Leave your website administration tasks to ASCENT.

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