Web Development


When you have a website, you usually do not want just some static pages that provide basic information on your products or services and hasn’t changed since you first had the site built. These types of sites usually don’t deliver much in the way of results. You want dynamic content and features that make your website more enticing to use, provide a better user experience, enhanced functionality, and delivers better results.

Websites aren’t just about design, they’re about performance. ASCENT’s web development team can do the programming to bring your site to life and have it deliver better results.

Contact Forms


Contact forms provide an easy format for customers to contact you without having to make a phone call or prepare and send an e–mail. Contact forms capture the entered question or request and send it in e–mail format to your desired e–mail address.

We can also have a captcha code on your form to limit spam requests or unwanted solicitations. Contact forms can also contain validation to ensure they are fully completed.

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Order Forms


ASCENT is experienced with PHP programming. We can prepare customer order forms where customers can enter their desired product and number of items, and the form will calculate their order total. The form can also provide validation, to ensure that the requisite items are completed and to limit errors in ordering. Ascent is also knowledgeable with respect to MySQL databases, where the data on your website is linked to a database.

PHP Programming


PHP is a server–side programming language that hides the code from the user. You cannot view its code in a browser, which provides for better security. Because it is on a server, information can be constantly updated. For example, if you want the current date and time to be shown, PHP can do that. PHP is the core of having a dynamic website, as it provides real time information and interacts with databases.

PHP is also a huge time saver. With PHP includes, you can make changes to your header, footer, navigation bar, or other portions of your website, and have it apply to site–wide, not just one page. If you where just using HTML and wanted to change your header, you would have to make the changes on every single page of your website you wanted changed. This is a huge headache!

PHP can also be used to count the number of visitors on each page of your website. However, we find that Google Analytics, currently a free tool, is an excellent way to track the number of visitors, what keywords terms they are using to find you, and what source they used to find your website. ASCENT can help you integrate Google Analytics into your site.



JavaScript is an object–oriented programming language designed for the web. It is a client–side language that provides powerful, dynamic features. Example of where JavaScript is used in websites includes: navigation bars, image slideshows, hover effects, forms, online games, and cookies. An example of JavaScript is the slide gallery near the top of our home page and the quick contact form on our home page.

Most popular websites make use of JavaScript, as it enhances the user interface. ASCENT has experience using JavaScript and can implement it into your website to take advantage of its many neat features.



Having video(s) on your website can be a great way to demonstrate a product or service and attract customers. Ascent can help you integrate video into your website in a way that delivers results. If you want a free option, YouTube allows you to download video onto their site and embed it on your own website as well. For more professional and customized service, there are also premium video sites that Ascent can assist you with, such as having a talking spokesperson.

Use Ascent For Web Development


Not every Website needs to be completely redesigned. We have experience working on sites that needed new functionality and more advanced features. We also do projects such converting an older Website to a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

If you want a contact form, intake or order form, customized blog, PHP, JavaScript programming in your website, video embed, MySQL database, a subscription website, or other web development services use Ascent Internet Marketing.

We have the knowledge and expertise to utilize these powerful tools to develop and enhance your website. Contact us today!