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Web design is primarily about the layout, architecture, and appearance of your website. It is a very important as that is what the visitor sees when they enter your site. This is similar to what a person experiences when they enter a retail store. Their experience with respect to what they see and how it is presented greatly affects their experience and willingness to make a purchase and return to the store.

A succesful website will have a high conversion rate to sales, as that is ultimately what is important for a business. The last thing you want is to have a person to come to your website, and click away immediately because they don't like how it looks or its usability. Your conversion from visitors to customers will be terrible. You need a visually impressive design that makes an impact.

Ascent enjoys working with our clients to design and develop a site that can help their business grow. We are your St. George, Utah web design professionals. We want our clients' sites to have a high conversion rate to maximize their online–based revenue. It is a rewarding experience to design and build a site that delivers results.

Design Tools


Ascent Internet uses a variety of Adobe products including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks. We can work with you to choose a graphic design that has highly aesthetic qualities, is functional, and fits with your branding concept.

For example, what colors do you want to use? There are certain color combinations that statistics show are more appealing to the eye, helping you to keep customers on your website longer. Ascent Internet can work with you in the process and help you identify effective color choices that fit your business.

Website Layout


The layout of your site includes is where you will place the text, images, forms, videos, and other applications. Layout plays a big role in the look and usability of your website. There are a lot of considerations to take into account, as you want it to look clean and professional and attract the most visitors possible.

Site Architecture


Website architecture is about the navigation schemes and naming conventions used in your site. Your navigational design is important, as you want customers to be able to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for on your site. Having a clean, user friendly navigation system, can make it easier to do that. You also want a navigation system that is uncluttered and that is scalable for future growth.

Ascent has experience working with a variety of different navigational schemes. We can work with you in the decision process and show you different example to help you choose the right design for your business' brand and your targeted customers.

Naming conventions are how you want to identify the different parts of your website. Your naming conventions should make it easy for the visitor to identify the different sections of your site. Here at Ascent, we also take SEO and keyword considerations into account, when naming website pages.

Correct Code Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

It is important that your site has correct HTML code and CSS and proper use of other web programming language such as PHP and JavaScript. Bad code can make for a poor user experience, an awful conversion rate, and hurt your search engine rankings. At Ascent, we validate the accuracy of our code and check that it renders properly in the major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Search Engine Friendly


Web design is not just about its aesthetic qualities for the user. When you are designing or redesigning a website, there are SEO considerations to take into account from the start. The way you have your title tags, Meta tags, header tags, internal links, page descriptions, h1 tags, and use of keywords are factors that can impact your search engine rankings. These are components of on–page optimization.

Ascent specializes in SEO and can help you with these items to position your website for search engine rankings. We know on–page optimization, as it is very important for SEO.

Ascent Web Design


There are a lot of decisions involved when designing a website. Ascent is here to help. We enjoy working with clients and know what it takes to have a great design but also have it be part of a broader effort including SEO, great content, and features to have your website deliver great results.

For a business, a website should be thought of as another store location. You should invest in it that way, if not more, since a website can generate revenue far exceeding what a store or small sales office could generate. Use Ascent for your web design services. Contact us today.

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