ASCENT’s Web Design Process


At ASCENT, we want your site to be a big success on the web. After working with hundreds of clients successfully, we’re always looking for ways to improve the client experience and streamline processes. We strive to have Web design/development projects be as simple and seamless as possible for clients while still producing a fantastic result.

Client input and feedback is critical for a successful outcome. While each project is unique and workflows can vary, it’s important that clients know what to expect and that we’re on the same page with good communication.

Here are six phases of the Web design/development process we utilize here at ASCENT.

Phase One: Discovery

We consult to identify the project goals and business objectives and assess your Website needs. This includes defining the look and feel, creating a content strategy, and identify required functionality to address the features you want on your website. We may meet in person, speak over the phone, or send you a questionnaire to complete to help gather more information on the project. This is all part of our collaborative process in building a great site.

Projects are like fingerprints – each one is unique. This step is critical as it lays the foundation for the project as we develop the best strategies and solutions. For tips on hor to better structure your Website and get us off to a stronger start, please see –

Phase Two: Design

After aligning on the desired pages and site features, we then get to work creating an initial design concept or concepts. We discuss the initial design with you, get feedback/change requests and make sure everything is to your liking and meets the goals of your business objectives.

Phase Three: Development

Our team goes to work developing the functionality into the site, programming your home page and building in WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), which is the framework we typically use on client sites. WordPress has an easy to use back end, which allows clients the ability to easily edit/add pictures, text, and video. We usualloy build on a development domain with a URL that we share with you.

Phase Four: Functionality

We develop the content structure and style each page type in your new site. We load all available content and set up the internal linking structures in your site. We set up all the Meta tags, alt tags, and micro-data where it needs to be added with best search engine practices in mind.

Phase Five: Optimize

The revision cycles are a critical part of your Website build. You have an opportunity to get in, review the pages, test functionality and provide your feedback and change requests. The number of revisions is limited to what is in our Agreement. Additional revisions beyond the scope of the Agreement are billed at an hourly rate. This really almost never happens though as our clients are so happy with our design quality early on and attention to detail.

Phase Six: Launch!

We transfer from the development site onto your domain and take it live! Congratulations on having a new Website. It’s a powerful marketing tool you can use to provide the information your customers are seeking, available 24/7, all from the palm of a hand.

The total amount of time this process requires is dependent on a number of factors. Our goal is one to two months at the most. Having the desired content prepared and ready to send and receiving prompt client feedback are helpful in streamlining the design/development process.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at (360) 451-0072. We’d love to work with you to help your business ascend on the Web.