Video Script Writer

If you have a business website, using video on your site to display your products and services to your customers should be a priority. Video can make much more of an impact than text or pictures alone.

It’s a great sales tool to allow potential customers to see what they’d be getting and help convince them to make a purchase. Video can help improve your customer conversion rate.

YouTube Has Millions of Users – Connect With Them


Not only is it a powerful tool for business but even better is that Google is embracing video content in their search engine rankings. As well they should as they own YouTube, the world’s largest place to share video.

At ASCENT, we do not have the video production equipment to make your videos, but what we can provide is video script writer services. Unless you want to produce all your videos on the fly or just respond ad lib to questions, you need scripts to produce video. Even newscasters who make $13 million a year use scripts.

Video SEO


We offer quality content writing services on a broad range of topics that can be used for video. We prepare our scripts with SEO in mind targeting keywords and topics that people want information on. Well–optimized videos have a much better chance of achieving page one rankings in Google. We have experience preparing scripts for videos that have done just that.

In addition to popular topics, videos that have quality content on smaller niches also have a good chance of generating search traffic from long–tail searches. You can also post the videos on your YouTube page or other sites to generate more traffic.

Use the Content for Other Purposes


The other great thing about having video scripts prepared is that the content can be used as a transcript below the video, or scripts can be modified and converted into a blog post, new page, or article to be used in your Web site.

In this way, you are getting more bang for your buck from the prepared content, and it can make more of an impact in bringing visitors to your Website. You can get multiple sources of rankings all from essentially one piece of content. You can also promote the content and visitors to your site via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition


In the wake of the Google Panda update, businesses need to be constantly thinking ahead. SEO is constantly evolving and become more difficult but through video SEO, businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

The other great thing about producing video content is that you don’t have to be a big brand to still compete for the first page of Google, which is a barrier you could face with traditional text–based content.

Use ASCENT for Your Script Writing Services


Web videos are the next big thing. Who really wants to read a bunch of text anyways when you watch an entertaining, informative video clip on the topic?

Whatever products or services you provide, we know what your videos need to drive traffic to your Website. So why wait?

Contact us today to get started on producing the video scripts needed for your site.