Our Pick for Best Live Chat Provider

In a recent post, we focused on comparing live chat providers. It’s a worthy read if you’re considering live chat services for your business’ website as there are many options and companies that offer the service

But one question we didn’t answer is what’s our pick for best live chat provider. Well, as always, it depend. If your focus is more on just leads, nGage is a good choice for many professional service and health care business. You pay per qualified lead and their operators are proficient in quickly getting the information you need to follow up and engage with the lead.

For many service business, ultimately live chat is about reducing friction for a customer to interact with a business and drive revenue. As a top pick for the tool for leads, customer service, and the customer experience in real time, our pick is Intercom chat. The Intercom app provides a superior live chat experience that is inviting and helpful for the visitor and helps businesses better capitalize on the opportunity.

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Beyond Live Chat Forms

Intercom is much more than just a silo lead from a chat form, coming in like an email would. With this messenger app service, teams can better collaborate and see every conservation occurring and who’s handling them in real-time. Chats occur as real-time conversations instead of messages or email.

Customers also benefit as they get an early taste of the company’s service level and with the small profile photos of the chat. They are warmly prompted with a greeting that seems customized to where they are at in the buying process.

Intercom goes much beyond the initial contact. It allows the business to set up an email engagement string to build and nurture the customer relationship. It also integrates with many other programs including InfusionSoft and Salesforce.

Customized for the Visitor

Intercom’s service contains if this then that type conditional rules so for example, a visitor is on a specific page on the website, they are served a message customized to that page, including what language their browser is set to, and prompted at a certain time period they’ve been on the page, then a chat would begin. The service is interactive and accessible and users can add attachments, emojis, and more.

Have a business that services customers in multiple languages? That’s not a problem for Intercom. Companies can customize the Messenger in different languages based on the user’s location and browser settings.

Potential Drawbacks of Intercom

Intercom’s pricing model is a flat monthly fee, so you can invite as many team members as you’d like to assist customers and the pricing stays the same. This may be great for employees with 10+ employees but for smaller business with less staff members available to assist with live chat, this may be an expensive and less than ideal with limited availability.

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For example, see this example above of a chat submitted after hours. But it’s still far superior to how older models of chat handled this issue. The conversations are saved and visitors can come back at any time and pick up the conversation where it left off. They can also respond via the email message.

For many service businesses, Intercom is our pick for best live chat provider. To learn more about their service and pricing, you can check out their website here.

If you need help selecting a live chat provider for your business or installing the code on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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