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Marketing Strategy Session

If You Want to INCREASE PROFITS in Your Business,
You’ve Come to the Right Place!
    Creating & building a MARKETING SYSTEM is one of the best investments you can make in your business.                       Done right, it helps you gain a steady source of new leads, and builds the foundation for                 consistency, stability & processes your business needs to THRIVE & GROW.  
Here's what you'll get in our transformative MARKETING STRATEGY SESSION...



  • In the Strategy Session, we do a deep dive and identify where you stand, your pain points, your opportunities, & the campaigns and systems you need to SCALE & GROW.
  • We’re talented, fantastic builders, but we need the right materials & input from you to help you tower above your competitors.
  • The plan lays out the assets, content, tools, skills, timeline & owners required to execute & launch the tactic.
  • Designing & creating a marketing system with this approach will transform your business, making it more profitable, more scalable & save you time. 
  • Having a high performing marketing system in place is the ultimate WIN-WIN for your business.  You can't afford NOT to have it making a MASSIVE IMPACT for your business!



  • Because your business is one of a kind, we go in depth & explore how automated sales & smart client management system can & will help your business & where to start.  
  • We call this the “Marketing Automation Plan” or MAP.  Think of it like building a skyscraper & we’re the automation architects helping you chart, build &  implement the course.  
  • Once you have your MAP in place, it’s your sales & marketing automation blueprint & we begin by laying the foundation for greater success. Because you’re keeping your business for the long term, right?
  • In the Strategy Session, we’ll also identify how prospects & leads are “captured”, how you tag or segment them, & how you can nurture, close, up-sell, & gain more testimonials, referrals & repeat business! 



  • With your MAP in hand, you’re ready to charter your course to SUCCESS. It’s time to build out your first sales & marketing campaign and put it to work to generate the ROI your business deserves.
  • To schedule your MAP session with an automation & system building expert, please book your time on the link below. 
Fortunately for you, this is what we do at ASCENT every day.     We're certified with a leading marketing automation software provider. 
We can help you create your strategy & your marketing plan of action.  And then launch your first campaign & make it way more PROFITABLE!

Let’s Work Together to Achieve
Your Business Goals!

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25 Things Growing Business Should Automate in their Sales and Marketing


25 Things Growing Business
Should Automate in their Sales and Marketing

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