Do You Start With the Customer?

Would you ever want to pay a lot of money for something that is unreliable? I know I sure wouldn’t.

lemon car

Nobody wants a lemon.

So why then do so many businesses pay way more for new, unreliable, undeveloped traffic when there’s a tremendous existing opportunity right in front of them?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. That opportunity is with…their customers.

Re-engaging existing customers and prospects is the quickest path to cash. After all, they already know us, and we already have a relationship with them.

So why not strengthen that relationship so they buy more and refer more?

With people who like us and want to do business with us.

Who Doesn’t Like a Warm Touch?

But how do we make this happen?

We do it through a system, and through touch points throughout the year. Touches that are specifically designed and created to nurture, educate, and solidify the relationship. With the right message, the right offer, the right experience, and a smarter approach.

How many touch points do you have throughout the year with your customers?

If it’s not at least a dozen planned, intentional, impactful contacts a year, you’re likely losing a lot of business.

Engaged customers are happy customers. And happy customers purchase more, a whole lot more.

They remember you. Their experience was memorable and they don’t don’t forget how warm and positive you made them feel..

An average business obsesses over their own services and products.
A really successful company obsesses over their clients and how they can help.
– Jason Swenk


If you want more business, you just have to ask. But ask in really thoughtful, creative, and engaging ways.

Because not only are your customers valuable, but their friends, their family, and all the referrals they can make to you with this system implemented correctly is a game changer.

It streamlines your processes, reduces friction, and speeds up the sales cycle.

What’s even better is that once you have this customer-centric system in place, the quality of your customers improves, your revenue per customer grows, and it requires little additional effort from you.

What is this System and How Quickly Can You Get It?

Your marketing system doesn’t have to be complex or fancy, but it does require the right strategy. And it needs automation.

It needs a strategy session with a specialist to help you chart the course, identify the tremendous opportunities your business has, so you can focus on profit and growth.

And spend more time doing the things you enjoy doing.

If you’re like many businesses, 80% of your customers won’t come back and do business with you again. That’s really a shame.

And it’s why so many small businesses fail. We’re on a mission to stop this.

Schedule your complimentary discovery session now on the link below and let’s work together to create a smarter and more profitable business!

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