10 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Following

Getting traction in social media can be a challenge for businesses, but having a strong social presence can really boost a brand and drive sales for the short and long term and
reduce customer churn. Having as social media strategy and benchmarking special events and holidays on the calendar is vital to strong social engagement. Below are ten tips to help build your social following.

1. Share Compelling Content.

Interesting, engaging articles and content are an important part of a social media strategy. They can drive traffic to your website, promote your brand, and keep people coming back for more. But think beyond articles. Graphics, pictures, quotes, video, audio clips, and presentations can all be beneficial and often more easily digested and shared by your users.

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2. Promote Your Offers and Products or Services.

Self-promotion shouldn’t be the core of your social media strategy, but promoting your products and services or special offers should certainly be a component. Display your products and services in a fun and visually appealing way to make them stand out and be noticed, liked, and shared.

3. Throw a Fun Contest.

People love to win free stuff, especially when it is from a company with a product or service they like. By holding contests and giveaways, you can give your followers a reason to tune in, stay tuned in, and share with their friends and family. Contests and giveaways can also be opportunities to build relationships and partnerships with complimentary companies and do cross-promotion.

4. Create a Company Dropbox, Ask Your Happy Customers to Share Photos.

This can be a tie in to a contest, but having a place where your followers can easily share fun pictures or images that promote your brand is a great way to get more fun, sharable content.

5. Respond to Comments and Recognize Others.

Posting on social media is only a small portion of social engagement. Increasingly social media is about customer service. Promptly and pleasingly responding to questions and comments, liking comments, and liking and sharing the post of others, is a great way to build your customer base and show your commitment to service.

6. Provide Incentives For Active Fans.

In additions to contests and giveaways, recognizing your most active followers is a nice gesture to keep them happy and engaged. Facebook offers a variety of apps that show the most active users, encourage more activity, and ways to reward them.

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7. Ask For Likes and Shares.

Sometimes people need a nudge and asking likes and shares is still a powerful tool in garnering more fans.

8. Pay for Promotion.

Facebook has changed their algorithm making it difficult for your organic posts to reach fans. Some studies have shown 10% of posts or less reaching fans. By paying for promotion, you can guarantee wider distribution and visibility for your posts.

9. Use a URL Shortener.

On social media, there are space constraints and users can have short attention spans. Using a URL shortener such as Bitly or TinyURL is a start, but having your own custom URL shortener is better. For example, in the case of Victoria Secrets, instead of linking to their full path URL such as www.victoriasecrets.com/verylongurlthatdoesntfitwellonsocialmedia, they use a URL shortener like i.victoria.com/social. It’s easier for users to share the URL, they may even remember it, it still represents the brand. This is also beneficial when doing promoted posts as there are a limited amount of characters that can be seen.

10. Make it Easy to Share.

Having a URL shortener is a good first step but it’s also important to make it easy for your website visitors to share your content via social media. Having high quality, visually interesting content and prominently displayed social share buttons is important in growing your social following.

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