Social Media Marketing

Social media websites have become the biggest phenomenon on the Web. Many of the largest websites in the World including Facebook and YouTube are social networks. Social media users also tend to be more fervent and devoted users, spending a significant amount of time on their online communities.

But being on social media takes a lot of time and know how to make it have an impact for your business. That is why ASCENT social media services can help your business grow and generate more customers from social networks.

The Social Networks


There are a number of social networking sites, from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter to Google+ to Pinterest, that can provide an outlet for your business. If your business is not taking advantage of these social networks, you could be missing out on some major revenue. You can also be losing the chance to interact directly with current and would-be customers alike.

People check their feeds, streams, or wall online each day for news of what their friends and family are doing, tracking celebrity news, even checking up on their favorite companies, and other items they find interesting.

Having no official presence on these sites means that would–be and current customers aren’t kept up–to–date on your products or company events. Social networks are a great way to get the word out on new products, services, content, specials, and events!

What Services Are Available?


Maintaining several accounts and keeping the tone and message consistent across them all can be a difficult task, especially if you are not well–versed in the marketing or social networking worlds.

ASCENT social networking services include designing custom social network pages, and managing accounts with a post or more each day. We can also embed email marketing sign up forms and other items into the social sites.

One hesitancy with using social media services is that outsourcing can make you lose control over your customer messaging. At ASCENT, we take the time to get to know your business and customers and create posts and comments that keep in line with your company’s values and priorities. This frees up a lot of time to allow you to focus on the many other important aspects of your business.

Social Network Set–Up Services


Maybe you are not an Internet–savvy user and wouldn’t know where to begin creating a Facebook or Twitter account. You may know that your own attempts to create such an account would look unprofessional, while a company that specializes in these services would have more skill in setting up business accounts. That is where ASCENT can help get you started.

Whichever social networks you decide to include as part of your, they should be one of the primary components of your online marketing strategy. ASCENT’S social networking services offer set–up as one of their available services. We deliver professional results that make an impact with customers.

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