Why Big SEO Firms Win With the Web Spam Update

Based on early reports, it appears big brands are winners in Google’s web spam update. This makes brands even more powerful, and should bring them more online revenue. So who do big brands go to for SEO consulting and services? Often it is the big SEO agencies. This is why big SEO firms such as Distilled, Blue Glass, and Seer Interactive win with this webspam update.

Large SEO firms can now leverage the power of brands for greater effect. It may make their pitch to get links to their client’s sites, or whatever the online marketing goal is easier and more rapidly achieved. With successes, they can pitch more services to clients.

The Top of the Totem Pole

With the recent Google updates, there is a flight to popular, big name sites. The agencies can attract higher quality sites to their brands. Larger SEO firms may also be able to charge higher fees as they can point to the increased revenues their SEO work is helping contributing to the bottom line, even if Google updates did a lot of the heavy lifting.

With their increased revenue, large SEO firms can hire more staff and have greater scaling of their businesses. Their SEO “stars” can grow in stature and command higher salaries for themselves and greater visibility for the company.

Totem Poll Yoga

The large SEO companies can then point to the success of their big clients to get even more clients that want services. They can attract more people at their speaking engagements. Their conferences get bigger. They get more media attention. More people want to read their blog and other content, follow them on social networks, and otherwise learn from them. The large SEO firms win because as their clients move up in the rankings, their own brand moves up in stature.

Improve Their Own Rankings

The webspam update should also help the big SEO agencies with their own search rankings. As their brands grow and SERP updates continue to roll out, their companies will benefit and they should rank higher for valuable keywords such as “SEO Agency”, “SEO Company” or “SEO Consultant”.

So of course the big SEO firms love the web spam update. They win!

Article by: +Jason Nelson

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  1. Juan says:

    i hope my blog will maintain it rank when web spam update finish

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