Tips and Tricks For Taking Advantage of Google Authorship

The advent of Google Authorship opens up numerous possibilities for business owners and online publishers to connect themselves and their profile to nearly anything their customers or readership might be interested in. Those who want maximum exposure of their blogs, vlogs, and articles can use this tool to link the content to other pages on the Internet.

What’s more, Google has a nice program built right into the system that notices when readers spend time looking at online content linked to an authorship. This means that much of the material posted by those using Google Authorship will appear higher on the search results page.

Google Authorship example

Make the Connection

The Google search results are notorious for their simplicity and plainness. But that is starting to change. Google is adding more features to the search listings to make them stand out. But it is up to the webmaster to take advantage of them. Authorship is one such tool and is part of the future of search.

By properly setting up Authorship, the webmaster gets the benefit of having their personal picture next to their search engine results. Testing has showed that searchers are much more likely to click on a result with a picture than one that does not. Wouldn’t you want also all this extra traffic to your site?

Broaden Readership By Adding Content

Google makes it easy for online viewers to see relevant material posted by the same author. Google’s software detects when a viewer remains on a web page for a certain amount of time. This is interpreted as an interesting post, article, or blog.

If a viewer stays on a page that is part of the verified authorship content, he or she will see additional material by the same author when the back button is used. Google will add up to three additional links to the results page when the back button is used to return to the search results.

This feature will only be used by Google if there is additional authored material that contains a good number of similar key phrases. For example, if an author posts a story about water pollution in Puget Sound, users who use the back button to return to the search results will likely see more articles authored by the same individual, provided that they contain information on water pollution, Puget Sound, or something else mentioned in the first article that was viewed.

Authorship also puts increasing importance on Google+ usage and is another compelling reason for high quality, targeted Website content.

An insight into my process of content creation for the web

Use the Analytics Tool

Because Google+ is much like any other social or business media site, those who set up Google Authorship will be able to view results statistics closely and see which articles or other online content is grabbing the most attention. Anyone using the Google Authorship tool can go to a page that tracks the viewing results for every piece of content that comes under the account holder’s verified authorship.

A number of filters are in place to narrow the tracking data. This is a valuable tool for those who wish to know the demographics and other information about those who actually read content placed by the author.

Savvy online marketers, sales affiliates, and advertising associates can use the Google authorship tool to draw more attention and grab hold of a larger slice of the targeted visitors they wish to attract. If you have not yet set up Authorship, get started now.

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