The 10 Largest SEO Agencies Buying Links

There has been a lot of buzz in the SEO community of late about the “outing” of iAcquire and their use of paid links as a component of their SEO strategy for clients. iAcquire isn’t the first SEO agency to engage in this practice (and won’t be the last) but they are the first be indexed from Google as a result of utilizing the paid link strategy for clients.

iAcquire has now announced, after receiving “.. a slap in the face”, they will “phase out paid links for existing customers and campaigns”. The company further stated as reported by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land: “iAcquire, any affiliates, any personas we do business with, it’s [paid links] strictly prohibited.”

Word on the street is there are a lot other SEO agencies out there buying links. While we don’t want to be “outers”, below are the 10 largest SEO agencies buying links:

#10. Overly Vertical Measures. They will get you up in the rankings fast.

#9. Koozai Financial Compensation Link Strategies. They smartly avoid the use of the word paid.

#8. Distill Links (and Get Paid). They extract all they can out of every link.

#7. LinkMoz. They even have a massive community built up around their practices.

#6. Blind Five Year Old Buying Links. These guys are good.

No Paid Links

#5. Portent Link Harvesters. Portent has some true pros and are Internet marketing veterans. They really cultivate their links.

#4. SEER Interactive Link Buyers. They are highly caffeinated and deliver results!

#3. Link Buying Ninjas. These guys can pull some crazy moves.

#2. Paid Link Ascent . To avoid confusion, this is our company. We really aren’t very big but we didn’t want to be left off the list.

#1. We Acquire. ‘Nuf said.

We do no support financial compensation for the placement of “DoFollow” links, as Google is apparently the SEC of the Internet, just pointing out there are a lot of companies buying links for clients. Do you know of others? Please share others in the comments below 🙂

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