Small Ball SEO: The Top 4 Ways to Repurpose Content and Win

Producing great content that goes viral is the goal of every Internet marketer. It takes ability, timing, creativity, and little luck and feels a bit like playing roulette but it can pay big dividends if and when it occurs. It’s always good when your number gets recognized and you can get great publicity, links and the all-important shares to promote your brand.

But you don’t have to hit homeruns to win in content marketing. While text should be a component of nearly every type of content, there are other ways to publish quality, interesting content that cumulatively can really add up. You want a diverse source of traffic and spreading out your content across different formats is a smart way to disseminate your message and get more out of it.

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Below are our top 4 ways to repurpose content:

#1. Video.

People love watching a good video. Take some of the topics from your content and convert them into a video. You can then link to your article from your YouTube video or embed the video into your content. If the content is sufficiently different, you can publish the video on your blog and provide a transcript for the text quotient.

Similarly, you can also do a podcast. Doing a podcast can save a lot of time, as writing can be a lengthy process. Also, some people speak better than they write, so it can make a lot of sense. It also can be an effective way to reach people. Ian Howells on his Halo 18 blog and Ileane Smith on her site do a great job with their podcasts. Podcasts can be imbedded into blog posts and also be put onto YouTube.

#2. Graphics.

Whether it is an picture, a meme, a graphic or a more detailed infographic, visuals should be a key component of nearly any content. In addition to your article, you can also use the graphics in your video, in presentations, for email marketing, or in print. Graphics also lend themselves well for shares on social media.

#3. Email Newsletter.

Depending on what your approach is, if you do a regular email newsletter, you don’t have to come up with all new content for it all the time. If the newsletter is a PDF, convert your best content into this format so more people can get exposed to it and share it. The same concept is true for print newsletters or other print media.

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#4. Presentations.

You can also use your content and images to help you produce great slideshows on sites such as a They can also be used as a Powerpoint or as part of a future speaking engagement. Or on the flip side, you can use a presentation you gave and turn it into a blog post, sharing your slides in the post.

So don’t think all your work is done once you hit publish. Touch all your bases. Get creative and think about all the ways you can maximize exposure for your content and get more out of it. Put the time in to think about how best to target and disseminate your ideas through the different mediums instead of being so focused on creating new content.

This can allow you to get more benefit out of your efforts without necessarily having to hit the long ball. Singles tied together can still score a lot of runs too!

Article by: +Jason Nelson

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