How SEO and PPC Complement Each Other

Although the concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are differing marketing tactics in many ways, they also bear strong similarities. Both are typically used to generate targeted keyword phrases and interest in a business or brand. When you employ the two practices strategically, they can work to your advantage complementing each other.

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits:

Keyword Usage

Good SEO depends on the usage of relevant keywords. When you launch a PPC campaign in Google AdWords or Bing Ads, you will inevitably need high-performing keywords to yield positive results. By exploring which keywords work best for you in terms of SEO, you can subsequently gain a sense of what will work in terms of your PPC ads.


Titles are similar to keywords in that they offer you an opportunity to draw users to your site organically. A great title that contains the right keywords will lead people to the content on your website. By employing a similar hook in your PPC ads, you can tie the concept of your content and your ads together – which will ultimately have a more authentic feel as a result and can improve quality scores.

Geographic Targeting With Local SEO

Targeting your audience on a geographic level is vital to any marketing campaign. In the same ways that you will use ads to secure clicks from a local demographic, you will want to include the right terms and keywords within your content to ensure interest from the right audience. Doing this with both your content and your PPC ads is a highly efficient way to appeal to people in a certain geographical area.

Compelling Calls to Action

You need to display compelling calls to action in your ads if you want to get a consistent general response. This is also true of the content you offer on your website and on social media platforms. By integrating the calls to action you include in both your content and your ads, you will send a consistent and effective message to your intended demographic.

Conversion Focus

Increasing conversion rates is almost always a primary goal behind any marketing effort. When you experience higher conversion rates with your content, you might want to apply whatever strategy is working there to your PPC ads (or vice versa if your ads are getting higher conversion rates). This makes having a website that is visually appealing and mobile friendly important.

SEO and PPC may be implemented symbiotically in an assortment of ways. As you learn which techniques are most effective in one area of a marketing campaign, you will likely discover that such practices also work in other areas. Marketers who allow PPC ads and SEO strategies to complement each other are apt to stay ahead of the game and get better returns.

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