Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

With so many social networks in use, many business owners have neglected Google Plus and their Google My Business page. That’s a mistake businesses shouldn’t make. Google My Business pages offer some key benefits that other platforms simply cannot match.

Read on to learn more about the basics about Google Plus and Google My Business, and how to put them to use for your business.

Google Plus vs. Google My Business

So how does this all work? Google has made quite a few changes to the platforms in recent years so keeping up can be a challenge. Currently Google+ pages for businesses, Google’s social sharing and discovery network, are managed through the Google My Business dashboard, which can be reached when logged in at google.com/business. This newly updated, easy to use interface allows you to manage all your business pages from the same dashboard.

Click on the corresponding business you’d like to manage and you can add pictures, video, and business information which all shows in Google. You can also manage your Google+ pages, share posts, and host video hangouts from this same interface. Google reviews are also tied into your Google My Business page.

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Why Google Plus?

Most social networks give you the ability to connect with customers and prospects. However, no other platform gives you the additional Google search benefits of Google+ for your business, like serious impact on search engine optimization (SEO) and added traffic.

Because of the way Google is managing business pages, it is now a lot easier for customers to connect with your company. Google offers up its users in search and Google maps, for instance, helping your brand to stand out more readily in local search results. Do a search for a business and add your locality; notice that the results at the top are likely to have strong Google My Business listings?

Making your company easy for your customers to find, especially in your geographic area, is easy with Google. The platform gives you an easy format to set up your listing and optimize for success. What’s more, it is worth the effort, because websites on page one of search results are likely to get much more Google traffic than others.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

Once you have created a Google My Business account and a Google Plus page for your business, be sure that your information is accurate, complete and consistent with all of your other online listings. Double check your details, like name, address, phone, hours to ensure that your customers know how, when and where to do business with you.

Use high-quality images that reflect your business. Be specific about the categories it belongs to, as you will rank higher for more specific terms. For instance, you will get more SEO love with “coffee roasters” or “coffee shops” than the more generic term, coffee.

Reviews and Maps

These are two of the biggest perks of Google My Business. When you have a Google+ business page, your information is fed into the Google Maps for your area. So, when a search is done for donut shops Seattle, the map will show those businesses that have a Google Plus page, first.

Another great benefit is that reviews of your business will be shown on Google Maps, as well as an ongoing tally of your rating on a 1 to 5 star basis. Anyone who does business with you can leave you a review, and those reviews add credibility while enhancing your organic SEO.

Google My Business offers you the opportunity to really stand out. It only takes a simple understanding of the platform, and optimizing your profile – both to impress people, and appeal to the search engines.

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