How to Link to Your Google Reviews Page

Smart businesses know the importance of online reviews. They help build trust and credibility and play an important role in local SEO. Positive reviews have also been shown to help greatly increase conversion rates of website visitors to customers.

One of the most important places to get online reviews is on Google, but where do customers go to leave you a review in Google and can you direct link to your business’ review page? Let’s take a look and find out how you can create a manual link to your Google business review page where visitors can view your online reviews or customers can leave reviews on your own.

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Create Your Own Review Link Manually

Google doesn’t make it overly simple to link to your Google local business review page. To link to your page, you”ll need to have your business verified on Google, which can be done at From the Google business page, ID numbers are generated for your business.

There are two types of page displays we can generate via direct link. The first is primarily aimed at prospective customers who want to see reviews for the business. In this case, all we need to get is LRD number that Google uses to create the direct link.

The ‘lrd’ is referenced in the URL for our business when we click on our existing reviews. From this, we added our business name the to beginning to determine our direct review link, which is:,1,3,5.

When clicked on or copied and pasted into a URL the business information should appear in Google shortly followed by a screen overlay showing the reviews. Users can easily view our Google reviews This is not exactly a user friendly, easy to remember URL so if using in social media, you may want to use a URL shortener.

To Send to Already Happy Customers

Another option of a review page display is to show a pre-populated five star review for your business ready for the user’s review comments and submission. This is best aimed at toward happy clients you’ve recently served. While the page pre-populates a five-star selection, the user can select the star selection before making a submission and posting the review. They can also attach an image if they’d like along with their review.

In the case of our business, the link would be: #lrd=0x80ca5aa0ca2a835f:0xbcbc149d6d0b8ed1,3,5. We needed to obtain the ‘ludocid’ number in addition to the LRD for the page display in this format.

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Other Solutions

There are a number of other means to send customers reviews links such as through Podium or the tried and trusted handout or mailer, which you can see in this example.

With this direct link method, you may find this effective to include as part of a customer thank you email and help grow the number of Google reviews your business has.

The examples we reference above are for U.S. businesses. Business with locations outside the U.S. are likely to have different direct link formats. If you need assistance determining the direct link to your Google business reviews page, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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