Let Technology Enable More Customers Reviews

One of the ways businesses can get a leg up on their competitors is to have ample, positive online reviews. However, having a system in place that allows your business to get more customer reviews in more places isn’t always easy.

The importance of customer reviews isn’t going away and with social media and all the online portals, they’re more important than ever. Social media continues to change the nature of customer interactions while placing their own recommendations to friends and family.

One way to use let technology do more of the work for you is through a review services such as Podium.

How Does it Work?

Podium offers businesses an intuitive system designed to stay on top of reviews and social media interactions in a variety of ways. The app works across both desktop and mobile devices flawlessly, meaning you can follow reviews wherever you are.

In the first place, Podium helps place any major area where reviews happen together in a single stream. Is somebody saying nice things about you on Google? You’ll know right in the stream to say thanks. Does someone have a concern over a product on YP (yellowpages.com)? Not a problem. By collecting all of your review data in one place, you don’t even have to go through the work of checking through all the different review sites.

Podium will send you real-time updates via email or text message, as well as keeping track of your ratings overall. Gone are the days where you’d have to spend all that time (or have a social media contributor regularly monitoring them) looking for reviews and responding. You can use Podium to keep track and manage all your reviews.

Massively Grow Your Customer Reviews

Podium is not just a review tracking and management system. It’s true value is in the ability to massively build up the amount of reviews for a business. The Podium system works in a way that it detects what type of device a customer has to make it as painless as possible for a customer to leave a review. This makes it easy to use for customers.

For example, if a user is using an Android device, it may be more likely to prompt the user with a text message requesting a review on Google. This is because Android, as a Google operating system, users are very likely to have a Google account and can easily leave a review.

If a user was an iOs device, they more be more likely sent a message directing them to another review platform such as Facebook or Yelp. This type of automation and system detection makes a big difference.

Make Reviews a Priority

With the number of customers using online reviews (and trusting them) increasing, reviews are ultimately becoming part of the online experience for businesses, and a company can no longer afford to not “hear” and capture their customers feedback.

A staggering 88% of consumers in 2014 took online reviews seriously– and that number is increasing. As more review sites continue to pop up and muscle each other for space, a business’s biggest concern is staying on top of those reviews.

With the right tools, businesses can keep track of their customers and engage them more profitably. Podium is a comprehensive tool for businesses to simplify the trouble of keeping up with reviews and bring the conversation back where it needs to be: between businesses and their customers. There are a variety of other review tools and providers on the market including Customer Lobby and Recommend Me or more traditional means. And of course, online reviews are just one part of marketing. There are many other effective ways of promoting your product or service.


Online reviews can be a component of local SEO services. In addition to the great visibility and positive word-of-mouth trust factors, having online reviews can give your SEO a boost.

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