Check Your Website on Google’s New Mobile Friendly Test

Is your website optimized for smartphone users? Google has launched a new version of the it’s mobile friendly test at This new version is cleaner and faster than the existing mobile test tool, which is currently still available at

The handy mobile test tool provides resources to help users detect why their site may not be mobile friendly and fix it, and information on blocked resources. Blocked resources can include links to other sources such as ads, social media syndication and live chat.

The new mobile test tool also links to sitewide mobile usability testing on the user’s Google Search Console and the Google Webmaster Forum where users can read answers to user questions and post comments or questions of their own.

google mobile friendly test

A Mobile Focus

In their launch release on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google made mention of Google being close to their heart. Google wants mobile users to have just as good or better experience on a Website than larger screen users, especially when they’re clicking to the site from a Google organic search result or ad.

Mobile is close to our heart – we love seeing more and more sites make their content available in useful & accessible ways for mobile users. To help keep the ball rolling, we’ve now launched a new Mobile Friendly Test. ~ Google

Ironically, initial testing of the new tool was only available for non-smartphone users. There was a bug on mobile that was preventing it from working, which Google has subsequently fixed. On smartphones, the test provides the site’s mobile view in a clickable popup, whereas on larger screens sizes the test results and mobile view are shown side-by-side.

With the increasing share of mobile traffic and recent mobile update in Google which is supposed to provide an additional search ranking boost to mobile-friendly sites, having a mobile ready site is more important than ever.

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