Don’t Forget Your SEO in Your Marketing

Maximizing your marketing dollar is a critical factor for business. But sometimes there is not a well-rounded approach to gaining the maximum impact from marketing and promotions. That is why it’s important to create a marketing checklist and have a more holistic approach.

Some companies run radio, TV, outdoor, and print ads. Online ads are becoming an increasingly popular way to spur sales. But regardless of the formats used, leveraging a marketing campaign across multiple channels usually has more impact. Have you created a checklist to make sure you have touched all of your channels?

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Touch All Your Bases

For example, let’s say you are running a holiday promotion to help out a charity. The promotion helps out the charity but also benefits the company in terms of positive exposure as well. What are the ways you can promote it online?

Most companies would likely promote and post it to their social networks and email lists, but have they featured the campaign prominently and creatively on their website? The website should be the core of a company’s online presence.

Whether it is a blog post, on the events page, or another page of the website, it is important to have maximum link attribution of the promotion to the website. This is an important part of SEO and is the types of steps companies need to take to boost their online visibility and search engine rankings.

Build Your Brand

Companies should be thinking about ways they can promote their products in a positive way. For example, this article has the example of a company giving out free hot chocolate for one hour during a city’s Christmas tree lighting event. This is a win for the community, the event, and for the company in terms of building positive brand awareness and spreading good community cheer.

This is the type of promotion/event that can get a lot of links from online sources and social media shares. It is also a reminder of the importance of communicating with your SEO regarding an event or promotion, whether it online or offline, and make sure it is featured prominently and creatively on your website for more impact.

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