4 Ways to Obtain Quality Links and Do Some Good at the Same Time

In the days before Penguin, a lot of the links on the Web were done in a way that didn’t do much good for the public. There were blog comment blasts, spun articles, and online directories. But in the new era of Internet marketing, you need quality links and there are ways to get these types of links beyond compelling content. And you can do a whole lot of good at the same time.

There are several ways to generate links when one supports a good cause. While the main purposes to be involved is not for link value, being involving in charity events, charity sponsorships, fundraisers, direct advertising, and contests can do a lot of good beyond just the promotional and SEO value.

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While online sweepstakes may have a bad name today, they’re not necessarily a bad idea and many charitable groups run some type of similar contest. Or you can run your own. Getting involved with one of these contests can be a great way to generate links to your website and make someone really happy in the process.

Contests have to be carefully planned, and no one should make them out to be easy money schemes. Nevertheless, offering a prize can entice people to donate funds and add your link. Remember to keep things simple, and stay away from hyberbole.

Charity Sponsorships

Donating money to a needy organization is a great way to get the message out there while helping out those that really need it. Just about every hospital and research institute has a building named after someone or some other organization. Groups donate money to these facilities, and they get the benefit of having their name on a permanent structure.

Of course, one doesn’t need to have a physical plant named after them to generate links. Charities want sponsors on their websites too, and these pages are constantly looking for people who will help support their cause. For example, donations can be generated when people click on a company’s link, which can make them an excellent way to drive traffic to a particular page.

Direct Advertising

Supporting community groups via direct advertising on their websites in banner ads or graphic ads can also add SEO value to a website. Stay away from blogroll or footer type text links as Google typically does not view these practices favorably.

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Event Sponsorships

Advertising for events doesn’t be as big as a being the official Super Bowl sponsor. While these big events are nice for those who can afford it, local events work just as well and come with a nice altruistic feeling. For instance, a company could place their name on the programs of a local school play and show up on the site of the drama club as well.

This can help build links and do some good at the same time. It can also be promoted on social media and other websites. Local events such as sports, scouting, concerts, seasonal activities or other community events and fundraisers provide plenty of opportunities for individuals to get their name out there. The positive image that comes with such sponsorships can also be very valuable for those who want to improve and strengthen their brand image.

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2 Responses to 4 Ways to Obtain Quality Links and Do Some Good at the Same Time

  1. julie says:

    Great article on a win-win way to generate traffic and help others. I never thought of a sponsorship in this way. I should have. I just never did until I read your article.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Julie – Thanks for your comment and feedback. Contributing towards scholarships, which I didn’t mention in the article, can also be another good win-win scenario.

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