What is Search Engine Optimization?


Having a great website design and user friendly interface is important. People’s habits are greatly influenced by what they see. With a visually appealing design and useful features and information, your conversion rate for customers will be higher, which is very important.

However, if no one knows how to find your website, they will never get to it and become a customer. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.

Your website’s visual design is only one part of the equation. The behind the scenes work is actually more important than what the viewer sees when they open your webpage. For most websites, SEO is predominately what brings visitors to the site. It is how you get seen, and how you get business. It is a matter of numbers.

The more visitors you have, the more customers you will get and design plays a large role in your conversion. SEO can be a big traffic driver that really delivers results.

ASCENT’s SEO services have years in the trenches. We know what it takes to rank highly in the search engines and will do the hard work for your site to bring your business the results it deserves!

It’s A Whole New Ballgame


We are in a new era. Business is conducted very differently than it was twenty or even ten years ago. Instead of a customer pulling out the yellow pages and search through listings, they are now much more likely to go to a search engine and enter what they are looking for.

Today, when people need to find things, they usually go to the Internet. Studies show that more than 90% of Internet users use search engines and most people use them every time they are online. Overall search engines do a good job of usually providing the information a person is searching for.

Think of the major search engines Google and Bing/Yahoo as big easy to use phone books. In fact, Google now serves more than two billion global searches per day! The number of searches has grown incrementally each year as the Internet has grown. Being high in the organic search engine rankings is increasingly more important, especially with the growth in the mobile web.

But SEO has also evolved rapidly. With the rise of social networks, there are more factors that go into SEO than ever before. It isn’t just about on–page optimization and links anymore. Businesses need the expertise of a seasoned SEO consultant to help them target superior online oppotunities for their business.

Get Results


Typically when a person enters a search term in Google, they will then click on one or several of the first few entries listed to get the information or service they are looking for. They may even make a purchase. Billions of dollar’s worth of sales and services our sold each year online and the numbers continue to grow.

All of this can be done, quickly and efficiently from the comfort of home, office, or a mobile device. If you want to successfully compete, you definitely want to be in the top sots for search terms that are strongly related to your business.

SEO is primarily about how you get found and rank highly in the biggest phone book of all, Google. SEO really boils down to a simple formula: Get Ranked + Get Visitors = Get Customers + Revenue. If you want the huge business potential that can come from ranking organically for important search terms, then you need SEO!

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