SEO Services


So how does a website get to the to top of search engine rankings? The answer for many sites is through SEO. Search engine optimization is very important in generating online business. SEO is what can really help you grow in the search engine rankings. You need quality SEO services to help get your site where it needs to be and that’s what we provide at ASCENT.

What’s the First Step?


The first step in SEO is to provide analysis. You need to understand where you are with regards to search engine optimization and what needs to be done to progress. We often recommend an SEO Audit to provide a detailed review and report of your on-site SEO, content, rankings, compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines, identify website errors, and linking strategies.

SEO Is Constantly Evolving


SEO is more than just getting quality links and content. Nowadays, it is also about citations, brand mentions, and social signals, among other factors. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have had a growing impact and the major search engines are starting to reflect this more in their search rankings. It is important to have a diversified SEO approach and inbound link strategy.

ASCENT stays up to date on the SEO latest trends and use strategies that work to increase our client’s rankings naturally. We use tested strategies and methods that deliver results. While each client is unique, we primarily focus on content, website speed, on-site factors, and citations in our client SEO services.

Use Ascent For Your SEO Services


SEO is often how businesses get found on the Internet. It delivers lasting results that if done correctly, can pay dividends in the near term, and pay even more dividends in the long term as your site grows and Internet traffic rises.

Based in Olympia, Washington, ASCENT Internet Marketing provide the SEO services your business needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to boost your search engine rankings and maximize your online revenue. In this way, you can focus on your business and tasks at hand and leave the heavy–duty, but ever–important SEO work to trained professionals.

Use ASCENT and get your business where it needs to be. Contact us today to learn more!