SEO Audit

The purpose of a Website/SEO audit is to evaluate the health of your site, identify opportunities for improvements, and provide analysis and recommendations to improve your visibility online.

If you want to solve a problem, it’s important to understand where your strengths and deficiencies lie. Does your Website have a lot of broken links? Is the content and on-site SEO properly targeted to your audience? Are you in compliance with Google Guidelines? These are all questions you may have and an SEO audit provides answers and can help you chart a new course in your business’ growth on the Web.

Where Do You Stand?


SEO isn’t just about rankings. There’s a lot of behind the scenes factors that determine a Website’s visibility and it’s ability to reach users in search engines. In our SEO audit of your site, we’ll perform tests and evaluate site factors which include:

– Website Crawl
– Search Engine Indexing Status
– Mobile Visibility/Optimization
– Content
– Domain Authority/External Links
– Keywords rankings
– Competitive Analysis
– Optimize title tags and descriptions
– Appearance in Google Search
– Knowledge Graph
– HTTPS/Security Certificate
– Content
– Promotions
– Social Networks
– Website Speed/Performance
– Mobile Friendly Test

Analyzing these factors, ASCENT will perform the services and provide a detailed report to help provide a road map to overcome stumbling blocks and put your Website on the path to better visibility and results.

Elevate Your Website


ASCENT diversified background in SEO, content, PPC, and design allows us to provide a unique lens and perspective into the health of your Website and opportunities to get better results. We’d love to talk to you about the ideas we can share to elevate your presence in search and deliver results.