Protect Your Website With SiteLock

The web is a great place to grow your business, but it’s also a breeding ground for malicious activity. Website attacks are on the rise. Hackers, malware and viruses abound.

To keep your website safe, Ascent Internet Marketing has partnered with SiteLock to provide comprehensive website security for small businesses like yours. Secure your site, build trust, and increase customer confidence with the SiteLock Trust Seal.

Stop Hackers Before They Gain Access

The SiteLock security and malware protection service guards your site against the web’s more nefarious users. With this service, you’ll get:

NOTE Automatic malware detection & removal

NOTE Quick diagnosis of any harmful infections

NOTE Deep 360-degree site scans

NOTE Blacklist monitoring

NOTE Verifiable Trust Seal

NOTE Reputation Management

NOTE Business Validation

NOTE Network Security Scanning

NOTE Installation and Website Integration with WordPress

NOTE Up to 500 Web Pages of Protection

The above is just the beginning of the many benefits of having security and malware protection. You’ll also get:

– A team of experienced website experts to repair any infections or bugs
– A daily health check of your website
– Alerts on security holes, vulnerabilities and virus injections on your site
– Expert, reliable support

The Trust Seal

The SiteLock Trust seal is offered in two colors: white or red, and three different sizes: small, medium and big as can be seen in the example below.


The seal can be placed on the lower left hand of your site, the lower center of your site, the lower right hand side of your site, or in a custom location of your choosing. The messaging can state either ‘SECURE‘ or ‘MALWARE-FREE‘.

Protect Your Site Now

Unfortunately, most site owners only think about security after they’ve been hacked. Protect your businesses reputation. Keep the traffic flowing. Be proactive and let customers know your site has been verified as safe. You really don’t want to take the chance of your site being blacklisted by Google and lose customers.

70% of web visitors look for a verifiable third-party certification before providing personal data on a website. Don’t be among the businesses losing opportunities and jeopardizing their business. Can you really afford NOT to secure your site??

Get all of this protection and fantastic support for a low annual price. SiteLock protection can be used with or without a security certificate or our hosting service. Contact us today about our SiteLock security/anti-malware service and keep your site secure!

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