Common Ways Hackers Gain Access to Websites (And What You Can Do to Stop Them)

Website intrusion is a serious risk for business that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While it’s true hackers can gain access to websites in a number of ways, fortunately, there are still ways you can protect your website and yourself even if you’re a web security novice.

The first step is understanding the steps you can take to thwart intrusion attempts. Here are know about common methods that hackers use to get a hold of people’s websites.

Exploiting Out-of-Date Plugins and Software

Most business websites make use of plugins and software to make them more user-friendly and feature rich, but these programs need to be updated regularly. This isn’t just to make them more effective for visitors, either. Plugins are almost constantly being updated so that they can stay a step ahead of of hackers who can exploit them and gain access to websites.

To help ensure that all of your site’s plugins are safe, check them on a regular basis to make sure that you have the latest versions, and keep them up to date. This is a business task that should not be neglected.


Be Careful with Emails Received

Viruses and malware have been spread via email since email first became common. As a rule, you shouldn’t open an email if you are unsure of where it came from, and you should never download any attachments or click linksk from strange emails.

Even if the “sender” of an email is someone you trust, don’t open it if it looks like something they normally wouldn’t send. A hacker may have gained access to their account and may be using it to spread viruses and malware, which can compromise your site.

Using Malware to Steal Login Credentials

It’s important to carefully guard login credentials, use strong passwords, and update password regularly. Sometimes users may think they are logging into their email account with what appears to be a login email. With all the spoofing, phishing, and hacking going on, it’s imperative to have policies and systems in place to protect your network – and your business.

What to Do About Hacking?

Malware can be insidious, especially since many users are unaware that their system is infected with it. It can be hard to prevent any malware from getting onto your computer, so the best solution is to detect and remove it before it can do any real damage. There are several programs that will protect your system from viruses and malware, and it’s important that you install it and keep it updated at all times.

One of the most dangerous things about hackers is that they are almost always finding new ways to hack into websites and computer systems. While it might be too alarmist to say that no network or site is safe, that isn’t far from the truth.

Taking steps to combat these common hacking methods can help keep your data safer, so make sure that you are always on top of them. At Ascent, we offer Sitelock security monitoring and security certificates that help keep sites safer and encrypted to stop hackers before cause harm.

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