Products We Use, Recommendations & Discounts

The products and services below we have found helpful for our clients and in our agency. While we only recommend products we’ve used and are comfortable with, please see our affiliate disclosure as we may receive compensation for referrals.

Domain Registration

For a less expensive, self-help option, due to their customer service and easy to use interface, we can recommend GoDaddy for domain registration services. There are also cheaper registrants such as, but the customer support may be of lesser quality. Domain registration service is an annual expense, but some registrants do all you to register your domain for multiple years.

For those who want the convenience/ease of use of a hands off experience, we offer domain registration services directly to clients as an eNom reseller. We offer ICANN accredited domain registration services for available new domain names with .com, .net, .org, or .info top-level domains. We can also transfer previously registered names into our service. This service is a little more expensive than going directly through a registrant but we handle all the registration work for you so you don’t have to! Please contact us if you’d like more information of a quote.

Website Hosting

Due primarily to security reasons, we do NOT recommend low cost shared hosting. If you’re using shared hosting, we would recommend having dedicated cPanel space and dedicated IP address so there’s less risk of being on a server of those spamming or conducting other nefarious/intrusive activities on the Web.

With our hosting services, we place your site on a powerful, state-of-the-art server and have historically had a 99.9% up time. We also provide you with a dedicated IP address and take care of all the maintenance, updates, and back-ups. You can learn more about our quality hosting services here.

Website Security Certificates

When utilizing our hosting services, we offer Website security certificates provided by GlobalSign, AlphaSSL, or other third party provider. With our services, we set up and install the SSL Certificate, which enables HTTPS for your site. To better prevent intrusion and provide better user security, we recommend security certificates. They’re also recommended from an SEO perspective.

Site Security Monitoring

As a proactive step for safer security and to promote user trust, ASCENT has partnered with to offer SiteLock security monitoring services and badge use on our client’s websites. SiteLock offers a suite of detection tools and hacker protection. A Security Certificate is not required to use the SiteLock service. Using our Web hosting is also not required for the SiteLock service. Contact us for a quote.

Paid Search Advertising

As a Google Partner Agency certified in Google Ads, ASCENT can offer new client accounts a discount on Google advertising. Typically the offer is up to $100 in free advertising in Google after qualified spend in Google Ads.

In addition to Google, we also recommend Bing Ads. We provide Bing PPC ad account set up and ad management services with offers for free Bing advertising, which includes ad opportunities on Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and the Wall Street Journal.

Live Chat

If your average customer value is several hundred dollars or greater, we recommend live chat service to better capture Website visitors into customers. While not available in all verticals and not appropriate for all businesses, we recommend Ngage for live chat service.

An example of this service can be viewed on our Website. Business verticals in which the service is provided includes: health care practitioners, attorneys, and home service contractors.

Please contact us if you’re interested in live chat service as we can refer you to our excellent Ngage representative and facilitate install of the customized live chat code for your Website.

Email Marketing

There are many different companies that offer email marketing services to broadcast message, segment and build lists, and auto-responders including Aweber, Constant Contact, and GetResponse.

We use iContact for email marketing and also recommend MailChimp, which has many features even for free users. We would only recommend paying for email marketing services if you are regularly using it as a marketing tool.


For private/gated video content, we recommend Vimeo. The Vimeo Pro product has impressive video quality and features at a reasonable price. We also recommend Wistia. If you’d like a referral to a videographer/video editor to assist with your video production, please contact us as we have local providers we can refer you to.

Project Management

For its useful features and easy to user interface and tools, we recommend 17hats as a project/business management tool for small business. The system is effective for contracts, questionnaires, proposals, managing contacts, and projects. We find 17hats to be suitable as a lower cost CRM and electronic document signature service. They also offers invoicing.


We have found FreshBooks helpful in managing business invoicing, time tracking, expenses, and financial reporting. They have a clean, intuitive interface, fantastic customer support, and their rates are quite reasonable. If you would like a recommendation to a local Washington State or Utah bookkeeper or accountant, please contact us.