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Video content is often the medium of choice and YouTube is the top platform. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web and it presents a strong advertising opportunity. YouTube pre-roll ads can be a great way to promote your business and reach customers. Read on to find out why.

What Is a Pre-Roll Ad?

Pre-roll ads are also called in-stream ads. These are the ever-present, yet effective, commercials at the beginning of the YouTube video you came to watch. For five seconds, you are forced to watch the commercial, at which point you can click “Skip Ad” if you’d like.

Though they can annoy some viewers, with the right messaging and visuals, they can make an impact. The trick is to use them wisely and effectively. It they are too intrusive, provide no value or interrupt too much, you can harm your marketing efforts. But with the right content and presentation, you can promote your brand and reach more customers.

The job of pre-roll ads is simply to get attention for your brand. It can also be a good method to convince people to visit your website. In some respects, it’s comparable to Facebook advertising. It can build awareness of your product and get customers interested. It probably won’t result in an immediate sale, but it is an essential part of the sales funnel whether you are selling online or not.

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Pre-Roll Ads and Adwords

Pre-roll ads are a part of the Google Adwords ad network. They appear both on YouTube watch page videos and on channel pages with featured videos. It doesn’t matter if the video is viewed on a desktop or laptop, on a mobile, game console or while connected to a TV.

The ads, which are at least 15 seconds in length, are set up for your marketing campaign within your Adwords account. When you put it together, you will need to choose your targeting, including:

– Language
– Geography (more than 80% of all YouTube views are from outside the U.S.)
– Topics
– Demographics
– Interests
– Experienced marketers choose “topics” and “interests,” since they are the principle options for targeting. “Topics” refers to the videos that people are currently watching. “Interests” mean people who videos similar to the one you have prepared.

The Importance of Interesting, Professional Video Production

There is a lot of competition on YouTube. It is essential to create a video with an interesting premise and one that is made using high standards. People are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to the videos they choose to watch. It’s similar to TV advertising in that you want your ad to captivate and stand out, in a good way.

Advertisers with the best response tend to keep their videos to 60 seconds or less. They make it clear right from the start what the problem is that they are solving for viewers. But this is not always the case, you may see some advertisers with video ads over a minute long, or in some cases several minutes long.

Don’t get left out from this advertising opportunity. Use YouTube pre-roll ads effectively in your online marketing campaigns.

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