New Google Page-Level Ads

Are you looking for an innovative new way to advertise your mobile-optimized site and to increase your exposure online? Consider adding the new Google of Page-Level Ads. Several Page-Level Ad formats are still being tested, but two of them are now available, Anchor/Overlay Ads and Vignette Ads.

Anchor/Overlay Ads

Anchor/overlay ads are mobile-optimized ad formats that affix themselves to the edge of a user’s screen. User friendliness is an important element of their design as these ads can be easily dismissed by the user. The Anchor/Overlay name is a bit of a misnomer as the ads do not overlay the entire screen. Rather, they stick to the bottom of the page.

page-level ads

Vignette Ads

Vignette Ads are mobile-optimized full-screen ads that will display between page loads. Like interstitials, they are full-screen and have the option to be easily skipped by the user. Rather than appearing when a user arrives on a page, they pop up when a user is leaving which means that a user doesn’t have to wait for them to load. Vignette Ads have a limit in number per user which also helps to maintain a favorable user experience.

Easy to Take Advantage Of

Page-Level Ads are simple to utilize by publishers. They just insert the same ad code once on each page where they can opt to have the ads appear. Google’s Ad Exchange will then automatically show Page-Level Ads at times when they’ll provide you with optimal performance and the best experience for your users. The ads can be tracked by channels.

Page-Level Ads can appear on mobile device users with Android 3.0 or greater or iOS 4.0 or higher. Up to three ads can appear on one page of a user’s device plus one additional Page-Level Ad.

If you’d like to see more examples of how these ads work and see a preview tool, check out Google’s Guide to testing page level ads.

Increase Your Exposure

The number of searches on mobile devices now surpasses the number of searches carried out on desktop computers. You can take advantage of this accelerating trend with the next generation of ads from Google – Page-Level Ads. These new ads are an excellent way to increase your exposure in front of targeted customers.

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