New AdWords Price Extensions

Price extensions are a brand new ad extension offered in Google AdWords. They are a great feature for businesses who want to display their pricing, show various service offering, or tiered pricing with their Google search ads. With price extension, three different prices that you have input will be displayed along with a brief description and you can send links for each of the products or services to a separate landing page.

Price extension are an addition to an ad, at no extra cost, other than additional clicks received. They can be utilized in conjunction with other ad extensions such as call, location, call-outs, or sitelinks.

price extension example

Setting Up the Ad Extension

AdWords gives you the option to use Price Extension and you can choose whether you want it applied at the ad group, campaign, or account level. The requirements for the extension are that all headers display information on the specific brands being offered.

If shown, the price extension will display three products or serviced you have provided. You can use one URL or a URL for each individual product. In the space for the extension, you get up to 25 characters for a header and up to 25 characters for the description. The description may be shortened for mobile devices.

The price shown may be truncated for display on mobile. For example, if the price of a car being advertised is $12,999.00, in may show on a mobile device as $13K.

A wide variety or products or services can be shown in price extensions. Examples can include events, travel, real estate, flowers, and dentists. For more examples and info, see Google’s page on price extensions here.

price extension setting

price extension set up

Relevance Is Key

Google loves strong ad relevance so it’s important to closely match the prices/products you are displaying to the keyword that was searched. This provides a better experience for the user and a superior result for the advertiser.

For example, if a user is searching for ‘high thread count sheets’, your ad should be targeted to this product, not lesser quality sheets or other home furnishings. The price extension for the ad could state brand and thread count in the description, and price.

Price extensions were previously on certain device types such as mobile in late 2016 but have only recently been launched by Google to show on all devices. If you want to showcase pricing on your products or services, adding price extension are a must for your AdWords campaign.

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