Income Based Targeting in AdWords

Knowing and understanding who your target market is is essential when you want to get more sales. Unless you identify the demographic most likely to seek your products or services, you could waste a lot of time and money marketing to the wrong people and have less than desirable results.

When you integrate AdWords with your overall marketing campaign, you can reach people in a variety of ways. The newer income based targeting feature of the Google platform offers you different strategies for targeting exactly the audience you wish to market to, so you aren’t squandering resources advertising to individuals who probably don’t need, desire or can’t afford your services or products.

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Targeting Your Audience by Income

One of the most effective ways to segment the right target market is by income level. Advertising to consumers based on their income levels just makes sense. A luxury auto dealership would not likely be successful if its products were marketed to people who live paycheck to paycheck. Conversely, a payday loans business may not want to be targeting their advertising to upper income earners.

If you sell discount vacation packages, you might want to target consumers who are somewhere in the lower-middle to upper-middle income range. This could include retirees who must watch their expenditures closely, families who live on relatively tight budgets, and single people transitioning from college to career. By isolating such markets according to income, you will be more apt to reach the demographics who will respond to your ad campaign.

AdWords and Income Based Marketing

Because AdWords ads can viewed by many people, your brand or business can use AdWords to do much of your marketing work for you. The AdWords support page offers a description of various income tiers to help you get started. The tiers are currently based on average household income.

Many businesses are successfully targeting their audience via income by using AdWords. Why not be one of them? If you haven’t utilized AdWords – or if you aren’t marketing to your ideal demographic based on income – you may want to evaluate the possibilities.

To efficiently maximize your marketing efforts and identify opportunities, you may also benefit from consulting a professional with experience in PPC set up and campaign management.

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