What Can You Do With Google Shopping Ads?

In order to sell your products, they need visibility in front of desirable prospects and that’s what Google Shopping ads help you do. You can create highly profitable campaigns that show you ads beside the results when someone uses the Google search bar, looking for the type of products that you sell.

The results are highly targeted, based on searches and keywords. Plus, you pay only when the searcher actually clicks through to your website or checks out your inventory. The ads pop up on any device connected to the internet, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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In addition, you can customize your campaign for even better results. Here are four way where you can tailor your Google Shopping ad campaigns, which are also known as Product Listing Ads.

Attract Local Customers

Shopping ads aren’t just about ecommerce. With Google Shopping Ads, you can attract local buyers to your brick and mortar store. There are two ways to do this:

AdWords Location Extension—This includes a location for your store right on your text ad. With a single click, prospective buyers can call you or get directions.

Local Inventory Ads—These show online products from your physical store. They let people right in your area know your prices and have access to other products you’re selling. It also has one-click calling and directions.

Promote Trust and Confidence

Potential buyers can read reviews and see ratings, based on a 5-star system, to check out what actual buyers think about the product. This boosts purchaser confidence that it’s a reputable item and what they need.

You can also feature your business strong points with a badge as a Google Trusted Store. It highlights dependable shipping and helpful customer service.

Special Offers

Google Product Listing Ads lets you offer your customer promotions, an incentive to close the deal. You can spotlight a special bargain or give shoppers a code to redeem when they buy. These appear just at the time your prospect is deciding whether or not to buy, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

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Sometimes customers seem interested, but aren’t yet ready to buy. They navigate away from your site and may never return. Google Shopping keeps them in your sights with dynamic remarketing ads. These ads are seen just by lookers who have already been to your site, but not bought. It keeps you top of mind and gives customers a reason to come back.

The system also offers remarketing lists for search ads, or RLSA. By customizing your keywords, ads and bids, you can pinpoint shoppers who have been to your website in the past. These ads show up when they use the Google search bar.

Advertising in Google for products customers are looking to buy is a great way to connect with them. The product images really stand out and with the recent changes in Google search, they’re even more prominent.

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