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It’s lonely being second – in search. Despite being the 2nd and 3rd largest search engines in the U.S., respectively, combined Bing and Yahoo only account for about 30% of all search engine traffic.

Microsoft, which owns Bing and operates Yahoo search, has a lot to gain by increasing it’s share of search engine traffic. Each percentage point they gain in search share is tens of millions in additional revenue.

Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords

Why Bing and Yahoo?

Google’s the big dog in search with nearly 2/3 market share so when most people think about pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising, they think Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo are overlooked. However, with hundreds of millions of visits from U.S. searchers each month, Bing Ads (combines Bing & Yahoo) can still be a valuable source of traffic and customers.

While demographics and usage behaviors have subtle differences from Google, Bing and Yahoo still have the same targeted buyer intent that has made search engines so profitable for advertisers.

The Benefits of Bing Ads vs. AdWords

First and foremost, advertising on Bing and Yahoo and their search partners tends to be less expensive than on Google search. While not always the case, this can make it a good value in contrast to AdWords, which seems to be increasingly more expensive.

Bing also provides fantastic service. They are more engaged in the search engine community and if you would like help with your account, Microsoft’s reps are easy to reach and committed to addressing customer questions and meeting their needs.

Bing Search

Bing also makes it easy for advertiser’s to get started. It’s interface is easy to use and campaigns are easy to setup. There aren’t as many options to confound new users such as AdWords Express vs. regular AdWords. And if you already have campaigns up on AdWords, Bing offers an import feature to import AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. This feature also allows you to ‘sync’ the campaigns – a nice feature when you have a successful PPC campaign.

One drawback in advertising on Bing Ads. vs. AdWords is that there is obviously less volume on the networks than on Google. But if you are looking to keep your ad costs lower and test out new campaigns, ad copy, or keywords in a less expensive environment, Bing Ads is a great alternative or complement to advertising on AdWords.

Additional Bonuses

If you have advertised on AdWords, you know that AdWords has a 25 character ad title limit. This can be pretty limiting in some verticals. For example, Personal Injury Attorneys is a pretty bland title but that’s all the room you have in Google. On Bing and Yahoo, there’s a 40 character limit, offering more flexibility with your ad copy headlines.

Bing also offers clear visibility into search partner performance, and you can block sites that are not relevant to your campaign in the Search Partner Performance report. And it’s safe to say that Bing or Yahoo both offer a more engaging home page experience than Google’s Spartan home page.

Bing Ads Campaign

Differences from AdWords

At a basic level, AdWords and Bing Ads share many common features for search engine advertisers. Campaigns, ad groups, bid settings, keywords, negative keywords, quality scores, and match types are found on both platforms. Both also offer retargeting ad options, where Google calls it ‘remarketing’ and Bing Ads calls it ‘remessaging.’ However, remessaging is handled by a different Microsoft advertising team separate from Bing Ads whereas AdWords remarketing is all in the same interface.

There are also differences such as Bing Ads offers a ‘Content’ keyword match type. This applies when any word in your ad title, ad text or keyword matches the input from website pages that are part of the Bing Ads content network.

And while AdWords has a Keyword Planner Tool, the Bing Ads Intelligence Tool provides a variety of valuable insights. You can learn more about differences between AdWords and Bing Ads in this post.

$100 Free in Bing Ads

Having a properly set up and well-managed PPC campaign is critical to the profitability of the ads. As an agency that works with Bing Ads, Ascent Internet Marketing is pleased to be able to offer our clients a $100 credit on Bing and Yahoo advertising. This discount applies to our clients whom are new to Bing Ads and are using post-pay billing. Contact us to learn more and get started and give your PPC campaigns a boost.

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