We’re Now Bing Ads Accredited

At ASCENT, we are always looking for ways to provide higher quality service for our valued clients. We also always seek to stay ahead of the curve and engage in active learning to stay up to date with all the changes and innovation in digital advertising. We take our pay-per-click advertising services and the performance our clients get from their campaigns seriously.

We are pleased to announce we have achieved Bing Ads Accredited Professional status. Accreditation betters show our competency in our ability to provide high quality service and set up and effectively manage and optimize Bing Ads campaigns. This means running superior performance ad campaigns and making more money for our clients.

As an Accredited Professional, we also gain greater insights into Bing Ads, which benefits our clients. This includes in-depth training on new features, deeper engagement with their engineering teams, access to research, and the latest trends in consumer research vertical-specific advertising. We also get access to cool stuff like exclusive partner events, in-person training, and special ad discounts we can offer to clients.

Bing Ads Accredited

Why Bing Ads?

While Google and Facebook get much of the attention, Bing/Yahoo can still be a valuable source of new business. PPC is at the core of what we do and with a 20%+ market share, Bing/Yahoo is an advertising medium our clients want to be on.

There are many benefits to advertising with Bing Ads compared to or in addition to Google AdWords, which include:

– Cheaper costs
– Easier to gain better ad positions
– Higher click-through-rates and conversion rates on top spots
– Less competition
– More control over ads

While there are many similarities between Bing Ads and AdWords, there are also important distinctions. Bing Ads does allow you to important your AdWords campaign into their platform, which makes it easy if you want to gain more reach from your search engine text and display ads.

Bing Ads may have some limitations as it’s traffic is likely to be ¼ less than what you’d see in Google. However, working with a Bing Accredited Professionals puts you in a better position to get great results from search engine ad campaigns.

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