Why You Need a PPC Audit

notesIf you are managing your Google Ads Pay-Per-Click campaign yourself, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day monitoring of the campaign and not think about all the possibilities for improving the campaign. If you have outsourced it to an agency, you may be unclear about how it is operating or what all the reporting means.

In both situations, a PPC audit makes good sense. If you are handling PPC in-house, it can give you the big picture and a better look at trends. If you’re working with an agency, it helps you see different perspectives and insights participate more knowledgeably in deep planning sessions.

Here’s a look at six specific reasons ASCENT’S PPC audit services can help you.

Avoid Wasted Spend

If you have a multitude of keywords, lots of negative keywords, a large number of channels and a variety of products, it is hard to stay on top of your PPC account. It’s not a case of being focused, it’s a problem of the breadth of possibilities.

When you conduct regular quarterly and year-end audits, you can pinpoint unprofitable areas in your Google Ads account. The more quickly you find unproductive keywords and these spots of wasted spend, the more money you can put to work profitably.

Assess Quality Scores

Assessing the quality scores of your keywords, especially when you have a multitude of them, takes time. With an audit, you can check the different types of Google Quality Score and how the results are impacting your campaign.

When you have the right information, you can take the proper actions to raise your Quality Score and get better outcomes.

Measure CTRs

Your click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics to worry about when analyzing your PPC campaign. It is one of the most important factors underlying your Quality Score. It also lets you know if your ads are pertinent to searchers and the rate at which they’re engaging with your ads.

When you focus on improving your CTR, you can do what it takes to improve your ad or your keywords.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords and ad groups are at the center of your Google Ads campaign. If they aren’t right, all your other efforts won’t matter. With an audit, you can see what needs fixing. You can review your negatives list, pause the low performing words and remove words not relevant for your landing page.

Landing Page Reviews

The performance of your landing page has a strong effect on your Quality Scores and conversion rates. You need to worry about anything that affects these scores because they affect the outcomes and success of your campaign.

Google uses Quality Score to determine where ads rank on the search engine results page and also how much you pay for each click. It pays to improve the performance of your landing page and reap the rewards of higher conversion rates.

Ad Text Optimization

It is essential to write the right amount of text to get the best performance, in regard to clicks, ad ranking, impressions and CTR. With an audit, you’ll find out what variations aren’t performing well and which ones are producing a profitable return on your investment. Once you know what ads are underperforming, you can optimize them and bring them in line with those that are successful.

The time you spend on a PPC audit can result in a much better return on investment. You can identify needed improvements in a so-so campaign early and make changes to make it a successful campaign. Get the clarity you need and develop your campaign roadmap with a PPC audit.

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