Website Relaunch: Law Office of Michael Ditchik

We are pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned website for the Law Office of Michael Ditchik, a family law attorney in Kent, Washington. The new site brings a more visually appealing design for the firm along with a new logo.

The new website features a responsive design to better capture mobile users. A Security Certificate has also been added to the website for encryption against hackers, more security and privacy for visitors to the site.

website redesign

Speed Optimization

Having HTTPS requires extra communication or “handshakes” between the servers, which has the potential to slow down a website. However, the website for the Law Office of Michael Ditchik is blazing fast. We optimized the code and caching for speed.
In speed tests, the website loads in under two seconds.

Website speed optimization provides a better user experience and is a search engine ranking factor. As the Web users are increasingly on mobile devices, the website should be well-positioned to load quickly, provide security, and render optimally for all visitors.

Redesign Takeaways

In addition to design enhancements and adding features to bring your website up to date, a redesign project also is a good time to take a fresh look at the content on your website and update it to keep it current.

A website redesign provides an opportunity to evaluate your on-site SEO and make improvements or add new content, improve your title tags and descriptions, and calls to action to optimize conversion rates and gain more customers from your website.

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