Why Your Business Really Needs Testimonials

With all the talk about high quality content, links, and social media dominating Internet marketing, the need for online reviews and customers testimonials is often overlooked. Collecting publishing customer testimonials is an important factor in a company’s online marketing toolkit.

Reviews and comments from customers are one of the best way for a business to show a positive image and even improve it’s local search engine results. Encouraging and collecting reviews from customers can also help overcome any negative experiences one particular customer may have had and subsequently published it online.

It Starts With the User Experience

Give customers a reason to come to your website – have a great design and functionality your customers can use. A well-designed website will include buttons that take the visitor to a testimonials page and encourage them to leave feedback. There will also be pages containing articles that describe the benefits of the products and services offered by the company. The search engines favor sites that have this information, and they also like to see these customer testimonials placed on other sites as well.

Link Building Tips - Testimonials

Obtain Higher Search Rankings

Google and other search engines look for customer reviews. If a company focuses on attracting customers in a local area, reviews and feedback from customers living in the immediate vicinity is noticed. This helps to increase traffic flow from this demographically oriented consumer base.

Much like Facebook has its Like button, Google+ makes note of how many comments are made by consumers and begins to rank certain companies higher on the local pages. Reviews on Google+ local pages are very important for a business.

In addition to Google, Yelp, Yellowpages.com, Yahoo, Angie’s List, and other websites have developed their own local business pages that provide company information and allow for customer reviews. These pages are valuable when trying to attract business. Encourage your customers to share their testimonials across the Web. In addition, these citations are a count of mentions of the business name and do much to increase the search engine rankings.

Happy Customers Are Our Friends

Video Testimonials Are Important

Some consumers are wary of written testimonials because they suspect that these are produced by the company itself. Nothing is more powerful than a video testimonial because it looks more authentic and gives a definite seal of approval. They are also quick and easy to digest, do not require reading through blocks of text, and provide an important visual experience.

Video testimonials can be as simple as filming a customer sharing their experience and publishing it on YouTube/embedding it into your website. Also Google+ Local Pages has been cleverly designed to point potential customers directly to video presentations. These can be included on the website itself or placed on any number of blog and video sites.

All types of content can micro-formatted, something that all online marketers should do for maximum recognition. Micro-formatting of video and text testimonials make it easier for Google to recognize the content and categorize it. The result is favorable search engine ranking.

Testimonials bring a sense of trust and assurance to the company’s product or service and make it clear that the business can offer the experience the consumer is looking for.

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