Why You Should Use Google Business Photos

You may be familiar with Google’s fantastic Street View Maps, which provides 360-degree views from various positions along many streets in the World. Google is now taking a similar version of this product indoors with a new pilot program called Google Business Photos.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Google Business Photos?

This new service from Google allows users to take an online panoramic tour inside of businesses. It is a great way for a business to give customers a sneak peak and show off an inviting, comfortable environment and entice them to come in. If they like what they see, they are much more likely to become customers, patients, or clients.

Many businesses can benefit from having 3D images of their location, whether it is an office, store, or restaurant. This ability to build confidence and trust with a new customer can be a useful tool in winning their business. It may be especially useful for lawyers, doctors, dentists, retail stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants that can display the amenities of their location.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: SSDG Interiors

Google Trusted Photographers

Google has a list of “Trusted Photographers” that work with Google to provide the interior photos of businesses. Exterior photos can also be taken. The photography services are paid for by the business. In addition to the panoramic images, businesses will also receive high-quality still images that can be added to the company website, as can the 3D tour.

This is a new service so currently Google only offers in select metropolitan areas in the U.S. These cities currently include:

Trusted Photographers will work with you to schedule a convenient time and determine a fair price for your photo shoot.

– Google

– Austin, TX
– Boston, MA
– Chicago, IL
– Dallas, TX
– Denver, CO
– Los Angeles, CA
– New York, NY
– Orlando, FL
– Miami, FL
– Phoenix, AZ
– Portland, OR
– Salt Lake City, UT
– San Francisco, CA
– Seattle, WA
– Washington, DC

Get Started Now

Businesses interested in Google Business Photos would be well served to get started promptly. Having your photos up before your competitors can give you an edge. The 3D business tours appear in Google Places, Google Maps, and other Google properties. They can also be embedded into the business’ website.

At Ascent Internet, we help businesses build their online presence and their brand. It is a new age of marketing and having Google Business Photos can be a useful tool in acquiring new customers. Since Google performs about 80% of Internet searches, it is in a business’ interest to get onboard when they offer a new service.

Do you want to improve your Google’s Places profile? Contact Ascent Internet to get started and we can help you get the images you need to attract new customers to your business.

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