5 Ways to Get Your Website Ready For the Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, businesses are sprucing up their stores and websites to match the festivities and encourage holiday cheer – and sales. Make sure your business is no exception. Use the holidays as an opportunity to spread good cheer and market your business.

But why stop with your physical storefront? One way to spread more holiday cheer is to add content or add flair to your business’s website and social media to highlight the festive season. Here are three things you can do to enhance your online performance this holiday season from returning or potential clients.

Decorate Your Logo

Decorating your website doesn’t have to expensive or take as long as it might take to decorate your physical storefront. It could be as simple as adding a Santa hat or holiday wreathe to your logo. These simple touches could also be used to decorate pages on your site or your social media profiles.

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Feature a Festive Landing Page

The landing page of a website offers a first impression of a business, whether good or bad. Be sure your website provides its visitors with a fun, productive experience, and not a mundane one. Your landing page should, when appropriate, feature compelling calls to action and make visitors want to engage with your site.

It’s important to understand your business’ demographic. If turkeys, Christmas trees or menorahs, and a variety of other holiday-relevant material lend credence to this message, go for it. Other landing pages have a more specific purpose such as a holiday event or offer. Use your website to convey this message and drive sales.

Increase Security

The holidays aren’t for meant to be for hacking. Take steps to improve your site’s security this holiday season. You can do this by adding a security certificate (SSL) and security monitoring services to your site. This is especially important if you have an ecommerce store or accept payments online.

An SSL provides a safer environment for users to enter their sensitive, valuable personal information. It adds a layer of encryption to thwart hackers and consumers are becoming increasing Internet savvy and may look for the padlock on sites before making purchases.

Enhance Performance

One of the most important aspects of any website is the speed at which it operates. A slow website will frustrate any user attempting to utilize its features, and will discourage all potential business immensely. Do not let your business fall behind and be pokey this holiday season.

There are several relatively easy steps you can take to speed up your website, including managing the image size (ensuring the images used, if any, aren’t too big, which challenges the processor), reducing the use of plug-ins on your website, using a Content Distribution Network, and minifying code, among others. Website speed is also an element of on-site SEO optimization.

If you anticipate a surge of holiday traffic, consider upgrading your web hosting service. The last thing you want during peak sales periods is to have your website down due to inability to handle the traffic. While $10 a month for website hosting may sound appealing, consider how much potential lost holiday revenue could be lost in an outage or throttling. Having a dedicated server typically provides the most power and reliability.


Include Holiday Flair

A website that lacks any decoration during the holiday season can not only be boring, but may actually discourages customers from spending money. Seeing festive decorations anywhere will generally make customers more enticed to be on your site and spend on the season upon us. Decorate your website with whatever holiday is most relevant for the time and your geographic area to help drive sales.

When spiffing up your website or social media profiles for the holiday season, be sure to design it so that the decorations are tasteful and enticing, but do not overpower the site. But do so in moderation. An overuse of snow and pine trees can end up appearing gaudy and may turn off visitors.

If you consider these tips on improving your website during this festive season, it may just be a more festive and profitable season. Make the most out of it and provide your clients with an experience both enjoyable and valuable when visiting your site.

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