Understanding Internet Marketing: What Strategies are There?

Are you not sure how to market your website? There are dozens of ways to market a Website and your different online marketing channels. Learn more as we go through this inbound marketing graphic. We should add, there are other forms of Internet marketing not included in this video such as PPC, other Web advertising, and mobile apps, among others.

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Inbound Marketing graphic source:

Hi, this is Jason Nelson with Ascent Internet. I just want to go over a little bit more about inbound marketing and just kind of Internet marketing in general. This graphic was prepared by SEOmoz, another website that specializes in SEO software and has a popular SEO blog. I think it gives you a good picture of what is involve in terms of Internet marketing today and the different aspects of it and how there’s so many different ways to reach people on the Web.

So I’m going to go through this with my mouse here in a clockwise manner, kind of explain a little bit more about what these are and how they can help you, your website or your business and best reach your customers. And again my company, we do Web design, Internet marketing, and SEO services for businesses.

So just going to start here from the top – email:

Email marketing – email’s still relevant. People like still receiving emails that they want to receive not Spam so if you can deliver value or something they want like maybe a special offer or some new information or something interesting or an event that’s going on, they can appreciate that and it’s a good way to get the word out about your company and stay on the minds of your customers and reach new customers. So that is what email marketing is about. I guess you’d call the free traffic source; it doesn’t really cost much to send an email.

Going around here, Research & White Papers, that’s just more, perhaps you have a…you want just to play your expertise on a subject matter or on your product or service or you would write a lengthy paper with visuals and put it on the Web to educate people about the product or service and or just provide information.

The next one here on the right is Infographics and that is really presenting information in a graphical form. You know people love images, they love pictures, and they don’t really love looking at a bunch of text. You can get a lot of information, absorbable information from a graphic and make it fun and interesting and have people like it and it really ties to the next topic, your Social Networks.

So your Facebook, your Twitter, your LinkedIn, your Google+, your YouTube, other ones such as Pinterest but those having Infographics and other images are much easier to share or if people like to see one in their social networks so that they can lend themselves to other formats so if you put infographic in on your website, you can put it in your social media sites or share it on your social media sites or use it for advertising so there’s a lot of ways to re-purpose these tools and use them in different ways that can complement and benefit each other, benefit the business as a whole.

So going down here the next one is Webinars, that would be obviously just an online presentation or the one you’re Web conferencing with people. It’s a good way to, if you can’t meet them in person, to connect with people, to discuss important issues or present topics that are of interest to them. Similarly, document Sharing, it’s more of doing it more in a document form or PDF format, or PowerPoint as well.

There’s still similar traditional ways of getting your message online if you can still talk about your website not every thing’s done online and you can still get traffic that way.

Going down here, Podcasting, that’s using an audio recording so perhaps you have an interesting topic you want to talk about or promotion you wanted, just have an audio playing on your website. Podcasting is a great way to do that, fastest way to interview people or talk to people and have those messages, stored those messages on your website or put them in your YouTube in other formats.

The next section here is Q&A, so that would be on a website where people are asking questions. Maybe they wanted, they’re not sure, they wanted to get feedback from the people that are online on the particular product or service and this plays into target marketing so if you have a certain product you sell, let’s say you sell, you’re a lawyer and a good example is Avvo.com.

People go to Avvo.com and ask questions and you know as a lawyer, if you respond to those questions and the persons in your local area, you may have a better chance of getting them as a client and even if you don’t maybe other people will see those responses and like you and may want to use your service or connect with you in different ways. These are just more ways to reach people and get your message out of line.

So a lot of it comes down to branding, just promoting yourself, it’s PR, advertising, got all ties together and that can lead to more type-in traffic to your website so they would know more about you and your company, they can find you and type-in your website and find you that way with your URL address.

And then also, you know, if they find you on another websites, they can click on link to your website and find your address, that would be the Direct/Referring Links. And that also ties in to you know Blogging, as you see up here, and just content marketing in general and that is getting the message out on line about your company, in typically, it can be through images or graphics or text or video.

If people can click on the links through the YouTube videos or just any site they find you on and reach you that ways so it’s just possibilities are virtually limitless in terms of better different ways to reach people online and the best thing is just to pick what fits best with your needs, with your business, with your customers and reach them and incorporate the strategies to make best sense for you and your budget.

So moving on here, Social Bookmarking, that would be sites like StumbleUpon or Reddit or Digg or different sites like that where people are active on those sites, they may like if they get to find out about your product or service or your website, or a graphic you have produced, or an article that you wrote that’s interesting, you know it all ties together again, they may share it on these sites and it can send a link to your site and it can send more traffic into your business.

Similarly with Forums, it’s the same type that can really, it’s Q&A perhaps people are on a form of talking about a product or service and it’s relevant to your business and if you’re active on a Forum or have someone who’s helping you with that, then you may catch their attention and earn their business that way by writing useful information and answers to their questions and they can see value and in the product or service you are providing.

Similarly with an online video, you know that could be, YouTube, Vimeo, different sites like that or you can get your message out through video, you can also host your own video and keep it on your own site so you’re directing traffic to your own site, keeping people on your own properties and sending someone to YouTube.

YouTube is great, I mean it gets something like 3 billion views a day so you can really get, if you do high quality video, interesting video and build up your channel and your users and then you know; it can really help you business.

Next stop here is Comment marketing, this is kind of similar to Forums or Q&A, it’s making comments on blogs or on another forums websites that is where you’re engaging with people, and perhaps adding to the discussion, adding new ideas to conversation or just answering someone’s question that relates to the topic in the blog or the website that they’re on. So this is just another way to get your message out, keep the word about your brand, your website, the service or the product you provide.

And of course, there’s having a Blog or Blogging and that can be helpful in terms of building traffic to your website, and also search engine aspect of the more articles, the more content you had out there, the more ways people can find you through search as you’ll have more contact out there except that what we call long tail traffic or traffic on the web where they’re finding you through search from that is found in your content.

Ok, so moving on here, news/media/PR, this is more traditional, typical , you know, news, newspapers but there’s online newspapers, there’s obviously online media, and there’s even online press releases and that’s one of the services we provide here at Ascent Internet, it ties into SEO, but it’s also just branding overall, it’s getting you message out there, educating people and disseminating that message to as many people as you can and through different formats and PR can also help your SEO from the links on those press releases.

And SEO course is Search Engine Optimization or as they say being on page one of Google ideally for keyword terms that are important to your business so you really want to target terms that have commercial intent and that bring people to your website with the intent to buy your product or service.

So I hope that was helpful and I know there’s a lot to take in, that it can be a little overwhelming for people, just all the has different ways to reach people online and it can be really hard to find time to do that, that’s one way the company like ours can help people free up their time, free up their resources, pick the online formats that lend themselves to the business and growing their business and their website traffic.

So if you have any questions feel free to give me a call our numbers 435-319-7260. Ascent Internet, it’s AscentInternet.com and my name is Jason Nelson and I hope you got value in this video and hope to hear from you soon. And feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below on our blog. Thanks a lot! Have a great day!

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