The Benefits of SEO in 2012

There can be a lot of confusion about the benefits of SEO in 2012. Search engine optimization involves many different factors: its subject to frequent Google algorithmic changes, takes a lot of time, hard work, and can be a significant investment. The return on investment can also take many months to materialize, which can make it difficult to justify in a difficult business sales environment.

SEO is Not A Short Term Sales Strategy

When it comes to an online strategy, most businesses value the quick return in sales from pay-per-click as opposed to the slower, steady, long-term approach for SEO. According to
SEMPO, only 20% of SEO agencies that responded to a survey did solely organic ranking work. The vast majority said they either primarily in pay-per-click (PPC) or a combination of PPC and organic search marketing efforts.

With the Internet marketing World rapidly evolving, Google frequently changing their ranking algorithms, and social media, video, and email marketing growing, businesses have a lot of perplexing decisions to make on where to spend their marketing dollars. And depending on your product or service, you also have to contend with Google Places and Product/Shopping results appearing on page 1 in the rankings.

SEO is More than Just Great Content and Links

With that being said, there are still numerous benefits of SEO, which includes on-page improvements that help the overall site. Clean URL structures help with usability and assist other Web marketing efforts.

Of course, the most import SEO benefit is the amount of traffic that can be generated to a website. Google still performs more than three billion search requests a day amounting to billions of dollars in daily sales, and a tidy sum going to Google themselves for the paid search listings. It is no surprise that the amount of organic space is diminishing in Google and this make the potential SEO benefits even more difficult to obtain.


According to, the first spot in the organic rakings attracts 42% of all clicks for searches in search engines. This infographic below illustrates the point quite well:

When you are buying traffic in a PPC campaign, you are paying for each potential customer engagement. With SEO, you are not and this makes SEO have a superior return on investment when lofty Google rankings are obtained. SEO is also key component of a broader inbound marketing strategy.

Also, with SEO expertise, you can target just more than the primary keyword terms relating to your business. Businesses can target dozens or hundreds of terms that can drive customers to your website. This type of quality traffic is what makes quality SEO services vital in today’s competitive marketplace.

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