Opportunities For Growing Your Business Online

The Internet has transformed how business is done and a business’ potential. When a company has a dynamic, professional website and web marketing, they have the potential to generate billions of dollars in sales. In the U.S., there are hundreds of billions of dollars in online sales each year. Twenty years ago, there were none. Imagine the potential for this figure to grow higher as people increasingly use more mobile Internet devices to shop, get product information, make purchases and Internet usage increases globally.

Tremendous Opportunities

The Internet presents a very different business model, which is vast, exciting, and nearly limitless. There are huge opportunities for growing your business online. Look no further than Amazon.com as an example.

A traditional brick and mortar business opens its doors and is largely limited to bringing in customers in nearby communities. Good word of mouth, a good location, the look and feel of the store, branding, and advertising in the local community may all be important factors in the business’ success. However, the start up and advertising costs can be substantial. Phone book ads can easily run many thousands of dollars each month, depending on your type of business. Who uses the yellow pages these days any more anyways?

With the Internet, customers can find you virtually anywhere on the planet and the costs are not nearly as high, on a relative basis. For example, in the case of a retailer, you do not need physical store locations paying expensive rent, numerous employees, and benefits, just to operate one location. Even if you are not a retailer, think of your website as a very important, highly visible office location where customers can find you and purchase your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever they may be.

Realize Your Potential

The Internet has truly been an amazing phenomenon. Twenty years ago it essentially did not exist. It has since created multiple multi billion dollar corporations and accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in sales each year. In February 2011, Google said they averaged more than 2 billion searches per day. This is a phenomenal amount. Each year, millions of more Internet users are added globally.

With a website, depending on your services, there are few geographic restrictions and your potential customer base is literally in the millions. A well-designed, professional website with quality content and skillfully done SEO, can put it at or near the top of the search engine rankings. Some websites generate hundreds or thousands of websites visits each day, with each person being a potential customer.

However, generating this level of visitors is not easy. Ascent provides the services and road map to get you there. Use Ascent Internet to help get you where you need to be and harness the tremendous opportunities for growing your business online

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