One More Reason to Use Social Media: Attract More Female Customers

As the number of social media website users increases, businesses that aren’t utilizing social media are increasingly losing out on potential customers. According to Pew Research, between 2008 and 2010 the number of social media website users nearly doubled and usage shows no signs of slowing down.

The demographic trends are also favorable for social network use. The highest percentage of users is under age 25. But social media isn’t just for the younger generation. Pew Research shows that nearly 2/3 of all American adults use social media websites. And 1/3 of adults 65 and older now use social media.

Internet Users Want to be With Others They Know

We love our friends.

While there are billions of web pages, one of the problems with all this content is that users increasingly are looking for places on the Web where they can get trustworthy information. This is where social media sites hold real value. Users feel more safe and comfortable hanging out in places where they have friends and acquaintances.

People trust people they know and having “likes”, “friends”, “followers” or other votes of confidence on your social platforms can make a difference in attracting customers and improving conversion rates. This is especially true if your business could use more female customers.

Create a Warm, Inviting Home

Women are particularly drawn to social media websites. According to Pew research, some 56% of social network users are female. Whether it is to connect with friends, share pictures and videos, stay organized, or get information, statistics have shown that the majority of social media site users are female. Women also tend to be more active social media website users.

This creates a great business opportunity for companies that can leverage this to their advantage. According to Businessweek, women account for more than 80% of all household-purchasing decisions.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Stay ahead of your competition.

Social media can change quickly. Remember when 8% of all global Internet users used daily in 2008? Today MySpace is a blip on the radar with just a fraction of its former users.

One of the hottest new social media websites is Pinterest. It currently hold the record for gaining ten million unique visitors faster than any other website. And according to Google Ad Planner, 82% of that site’s users were female. It is important for business’ to get onboard early as popular new social media websites emerge to attract these customers.

One of the other values of social media is that it can help drive more traffic to your website. In your social media content, you can include links to your website and drive referral traffic. Also, Google and other search engines are increasingly looking at social signals as part of their algorithms in the organic search rankings. Social media is becoming a much larger part of an SEO strategy and digital marketing as a whole.

Get Help With Social Media

At Ascent Internet, we can help businesses build highly inviting social media platforms with custom designs for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus pages. Creating a warm, hospitable social environment can help companies attract and retain more customers.

But making social media pages appealing is just one part of the equation. Keeping your pages updated, current, and news worthy is a lot of work. Your business could likely benefit from a social media expert to keep your social media actively managed and customers engaged.

Ascent provides social media services, including design, set up and management, to help businesses capitalize on social platforms. Contact us now to learn more.

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