Marketing Building Blocks for New Business

A new business needs two things: a product or service and people buying it. Marketing is the connecting link. Marketing gets your name out in front of the people who will buy from you. Without sales, you have no revenue. You can have the best product or service in your field but if not enough people know about it, you won’t stay in business long.

If you are like most new business owners, you have expertise in your field and about your product. But not about marketing. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to having a marketing plan and system in place and the resources to help be more visible and grow.

Here’s a primer about where to put your efforts and your money, the basic building blocks to market your business.

Your Logo is the Symbol For Your Brand

Your logo is your face to the world. A New York Times article discussed how, ‘early branding is the fastest way to tell people what you can offer them’.


An effective logo and brand, which usually includes a tagline, focuses on your niche market. It gives people a good idea who you are and what you sell. It should be simple to grasp, clean looking and memorable. A professional logo designer can create a logo that will let the world see who you are.

Your Website, Your Faithful Marketing Assistant

People form an instant view of your product when they come to your office or retail shop. It’s the same with your online shop, your website. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.

Because it has such a strong effect on how people perceive you and how likely they are to buy from you, to consult with an experienced web designer for help creating an effective website.

It is worth the investment as a quality developer and marketer can help you consider build a site that showcases your company, conveys the information your customers are seeking, and get them to take action.

Informative, Engaging Content

People look online for answers to their problems. Answer their questions with pertinent, helpful information. Businesses need to produce fresh and relevant content regularly. This can be a problem for businesses. Suppliers, reaching out to customers, leads, regulations, and administrating can keep you busy enough.

But that shouldn’t be a reason not to create content. It’s just too valuable for a business, critical marketing component. A resource that can be used on your brochures, online listings, social media, Website, mailers, email and much more. It can also be used in articles or press releases.

If writing isn’t your strong suit or your stretched thin on time, consider hiring an experienced marketing agency with copywriters who understand the needs of online businesses. They can optimize engaging articles for the search engines, tailor them to gain social media interest, and also email and other marketing copy.

Creating the Customer Return Path

Your customers are the most valuable asset in your business. You need a system in place to re-engage them and have them buy more, spend more, refer more, and come back more. This is one of the most best ways companies can grow revenue, and become a leader in their vertical.


While getting your business off the ground, remember that marketing is essential – it provides the building blocks to spring business to greater heights. Find professionals to help you with logo design, website creation and engaging writing. Or better yet a full service agency that can help you with all these elements with a unified purpose perfect for your business. It’s an investment in your success.

With all available tools, it can be easy to overlook one of the best marketing assets you have – you and your team! Customer service goes a long way towards getting products and services sold and keeping the phones ringing.

By engaging with your prospective customer at trade shows, events, or networking functions, you can foster relationships that help you connect with more customers. Just be sure you have your marketing system build to better capture and convert all that traffic.

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