The 5 Rules of Customer Acquisition

You’ve probably heard that a business that isn’t marketing isn’t growing. So you know you need marketing and you need a system to acquire more customer, right?

But of course, before launching a customer acquisition campaign, you need to be laser-focused on who and where your ideal customers are. And how to target and attract them.

Once you have that dialed in, it’s time to get busy producing and measuring results. After all, what gets measured, gets DONE.

Below are five rules of customer acquisition that should be part of your business.

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1. Always Capture Contact Information

Always obtain the prospect’s name, email, and phone number ideally. Name and email at a minimum if you’re doing an opt-in for a lead magnet, a white paper, an e-book or a newsletter.

If your business is phone consultation based or you offer a free demo, then you’ll want a phone number, website, and business name as additional field values, at a minimum.

But be judicious as trying to capture too much information early on can be off-putting.

2. Use a CRM System

Obtaining qualified prospect information is great, but it is only as valuable as how you capture, use and maintain that information.

The last thing you want is disparate systems that don’t talk to each other and don’t assist you in converting prospects to customers.

Or even worse, post-it notes, spreadsheets, or emails on prospects that aren’t shared and get buried or lost.

That’s why using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a must when you come into contact with prospects and customers. All of their information should be in there and segmented accordingly.

Your CRM should be a key component of your business. It’s your backbone, the trunk of your growing tree.


At ASCENT, we use a platform which pairs a powerful CRM with business and marketing automation for optimal results. It also allows you to tag your prospects so they only get the information and service that’s relevant to them and triggers their specific needs.

The system we use has a sales pipeline integrated with campaigns so you never miss an opportunity and sales and marketing are ALIGNED.

3. Develop the Relationship

So you’ve got #1 and #2 above down, what’s the next step? Well, ideally they’ve already bought from you, right?

But if you’re like 90+% of businesses, prospects aren’t ready to buy the first time they come in contact with your business. You need to nurture and build the relationship with your prospects so you can harvest more leads.

Pro Tip: Even if they do buy from you, you still need to nurture the relationship.

There are many ways to develop your relationships with prospects and customers. It could be through phone calls, social media, email, text messaging, and direct mail. Or inviting them to attend an upcoming open house or event you are hosting.

You need warm touches and to be creative in finding enticing ways for prospects to choose you, and customers to continue to choose you.

You need to have a perfectly crafted plan of action for each type of prospect and customer in your business and manage it through your CRM.

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4. Have a Customer Review System

Part of developing the relationship with prospects is building the case as to why they should buy from YOU. But you need reinforcement, you need to build trust, and you need social proof to help overcome objections and hesitation.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a solid customer review system in place that captures the feedback of your many highly satisfied customers. This can include testimonials, case studies, success stories, and even video reviews.

You can then use and showcase these reviews in your social media, email, and website to show that you are not a choice, but the clear choice.

You need an effective customer review system/reputation management platform in place for your business.

5. Use Content to Re-Engage and Convert

So #1 and #2 above were the easy part, but #3 and #4 require high-quality content to deliver the desired results.

This includes content for those important warm touches and like thank you notes, follow-up series, long-term nurture, and copy expertly crafted to obtain more reviews and referrals, and educates and deepens the relationships with your prospects, customers, and referral partners.

And all of this content should be managed and much of it delivered through your CRM, including letters sent, gifts sent, email, and text messaging.

The Foundation For A Stronger Business

The best thing about developing these systems and utilizing these five rules of customer acquisition is that you are building a stronger foundation for your business so you can take advantage of more referrals, more repeat business, and increase profitability.

It’s a win-win and paves the way to systematizing your business and using campaigns to scale and grow.

By optimizing the experience and capturing more prospects, you also decrease your cost of customer acquisition, creating a sustainable, reliable foundation to grow your business. And you do it the right way.


How to Amplify Your Customer Acquisition

You know creating a robust customer acquisition system is critical for your business.

So which of these components are you missing in your business?

  • Is it better capturing and maintaining contact information?
  • Not using a CRM?
  • Not having the content and messaging developed?
  • Or not having the systems in place to take advantage of these opportunities?

Create Your Customer Acquisition System

We want to hear from you. We want to help you overcome these trouble spots, the pain points holding back your business, and reap the benefits of creating a robust customer acquisition system. And help you create the perfect customer acquisition system for your business.

To chart the course to more prosperity, it starts with building a blueprint, where we can identify these opportunities and map out the journey from prospect to customer, and create a plan of action and implementation perfectly tailored to your business.

Schedule your free discovery session on the link below and let’s work together to ramp up your customer acquisition and GROWTH!

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