How to Capture More Leads From Your Website

Getting visitors to your website is only part of the equation. The most important step is converting visitors into inquirers and buyers. Sure, great design, user experience, and compelling calls to action help, but what tools can you utilize to capture more website visitor information and make purchases from your businesses?

Let’s look at the different ways to connect with customers while visiting your website.

Phone Number/Call Tracking

For many service businesses, a common refrain is ‘we just want the phone to ring’. And many of these calls are coming from web, but how do you provide attribution? Of course, you want your phone number to highly visible and easy to find on your site. But what can you do to get a clear picture on where the phone calls are coming from?

Call tracking can make attribution simpler providing more clarity and much more information. You can use different phone numbers for each important referral source. For example, with pay-per-click adverting ads, you could use a tracking number furnished by a call tracking provider to track calls and gather data on the leads and conversions.

call tracking

You can also do Dynamic Number Insertion, which is allows your page to load the number of the corresponding referral source. For example, if a visitor reaches your Website from a Google ad, you can program your site to show the Google tracking number on your website in place of where your business phone number would normally appear. But you will need a web developer to set this up.

Call tracking services can start at a very low price, and tend to go up in price depending on the number of phone numbers, usage, services provided, and data recorded. Besides companies that specialize in call tracking or coaching to improve inbound phone sales, Google also provides tracking numbers for paying AdWords advertisers at the cost of a click per call.

In addition to being a great tool online, call tracking can be used in print media such as mailers, phone books, flyers, newspapers and magazines.

Live Chat

Live chat reduces friction and makes it easy for customers and prospective customers to reach you online. Chat can be used as a sales tool or as both a support and sales tool. Leads can be captured through the chat and sent to you via a messenger app, an email, sent to a database, or integrated with your Analytics data or Customer Relationship Management platform, depending on which live chat system you’re using.

Email Sign Up/Downloads/Newsletters

Another way to reach people online is through gated content that requires the user to enter their email addresses. This includes email sign ups to subscribe to receive new content such as blog posts or newsletters, downloads for ebooks or white papers, or a sign up for some other special offer or event.


To get more out of email marketing, it’s recommend to use a marketing automation platform such as InfusionSoft and HubSpot. They provide more powerful marketing features, far beyond just email marketing and analytics. These CRM tools aren’t just about building a list and sending out emails, to that list. Sure, you want to collect email addresses to market to and do it by creative, fun means, but it’s also about setting up a marketing system, segmentation and work flows that develop and nurture your customer base, in all their different stages.

This includes tagging users so you can send your customers the most relevant, targeted information to them. This can include invitations to webinars, on-boarding, cart abandonment follow ups, and special offers targeted to the specific type of customer.

Contact Form

Contact forms have been around since the infancy of the web but have come a long way. While you can still have a contact page with a form, you should also have forms on important pages to make it easy for prospective client to contact you, or have live chat.

There are some neat web applications such as what’s offered by, which allows you to more effectively and intelligently engage with customers looking to contact you. These can include offers for free proposals or estimates. They offer ease of use to create pop ups, forms, and also integrate with email marketing providers.

Tried and True Traditional Means

Call tracking is great but you should still be using a designated business phone number on your website, online directories and search engines. Since many customers may find you online but call direct, it’s still helpful to politely ask new customers, if not already sourced, how they found you and record this information.

adwords remarketing process


The majority of visitors to a website aren’t going to make a purchase or inquiry on their first visit. That’s where remarketing comes in. It allows you to advertise to visitors to your website and see your ads as they search Google, browse the web or their favorite social network. Users are tagged as visitors to your website and different conditions can be set. So while not a direct capture method, it increases your visitor conversion rate, at a relatively low cost.

A wide variety of ad networks offer ad remarketing including Google, Bing and Facebook. You can do a more general remarketing campaign or a campaign targeted the specific service or product page the user was on when using your website.

Measuring Profit

As your business develops and refines how it tracks targeted customers and how to best connect with them on your website, understanding what your best capture and conversion methods online are helps narrow your focus, improve your processes and systems, return on investment, and ultimately have higher and more predictable growth. After all, it’s way more fun and only makes sense to invest in the traffic channels that make the most money.

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