10 Things You Can Learn From Kids About Marketing

Young kids can teach you a lot. They have real curiosity, honesty, creativity, and zest for life and they quickly develop new relationships among others. As we get older, innocence is lost and more environmental and behavioral factors come into play, which can make it more difficult to develop connections with others. Kids usually aren’t corrupted by stereotypes or negative attitudes that can be a barrier to communication.

Because they live life in a more pure state, you can learn a lot through kids about what innately appeals to people and what they like in products and services.

Below are 10 things you can learn from kids about marketing to attract more customers:

#1. Get Their Attention.

Kids are known for their short attention spans. They hate being bored and will move on quickly if something is dull. Today, people have more gadgets and things competing for their attention. No matter what age(s) of customers you are targeting, you need to make your marketing messaging stand out and make a real impression. That is why a title is so critical.

Cute Kids in Children's Costumes

#2. Be Honest.

Most kids can’t tell a lie. They will tell you the truth much to the chagrin of their parents sometimes. So get people’s attention, just don’t be dishonest in the process. Negative customer experiences can be more damaging than ever with the ability for people to leave visible online feedback.

#3. Be Creative.

Getting through to kids can be a challenge. Sometimes parents can come up with very creative solutions to get their attention. If something isn’t fun, make it fun. Spend the time to foster creativity and have a clear understanding of what might put off customers. Tell them what they want to hear in a fun way and you can be rewarded.

#4. Go Where They Are.

Kids love to go to parks, pools, and play games. Know where your customers and find them there. If you are marketing to small businesses, be active in your local chamber of commerce or other networking groups. Building a lot of strong personal relationships is often key for a business. Go to the places your customers are and get to know them.

Finding people is easier than ever before with the Internet, but can also be much more time consuming. If your product or service would be interesting on Facebook, you should definitely have a strong and active presence on Facebook because of the amount of traffic the site has.

Pick and hang out in the places where your best customers, or potential customers are likely to be found. Ranking highly in the Google search results for phrases targeted to your business is also a good place to be. But there are many ways to get traffic to your website out of Google and Facebook.

Hey kids! Look here!

#5. Use Cool Pictures and videos.

Kids love to draw and create pictures. They love to look at cool, interesting, colorful pictures and videos. Pictures are fun. Even at an older age, images still can make a huge impact and be a powerful means to convey a message. They also may be more likely to be shared on social networks.

#6. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Most people don’t get good at something quickly. Most of us need to be regularly practicing and pushing our skills to improve them. In marketing, you should always be testing and refining your message to improve your results.

#7. Shower Them With Gifts.

Kids love presents, especially fun toys. Who doesn’t? Pro tip: Businesses that send gifts to customers are more likely to keep them very happy. Businesses that appeal to prospective customers with a gift are more likely to get their attention and convert them into a customer. It doesn’t have to expensive. Just make it fun or thoughtful.

#8. Help Others.

Young kids love to help out. They actually enjoy helping you do tasks and chores, at least for a while. Helping others can make a big impact for a business. It can build strong relationships and win them new customers. So sponsor a team, an event, or volunteer for a charity. Love everyone, you never want to turn off a potential customer and being nice can go a long way.

Quinn and Thomas

Helping others can also get you media attention and links to your website. It can provide interesting content and discussion in your blog and social networks, which you can leverage to help grow your business.

#9. Satisfy Them Quickly.

This ties into getting their attention but quickly satisfying a customer is key to keeping them as one. Provide prompt and courteous service at all times. Satisfied customers can also help you in developing a positive image for your company and strengthening and growing your online presence.

#10. Keep Things Fresh.

Kids love to try new things. For a business, this could mean regularly bringing in new products or services, adding regular new website content, engaging on social networks, or trying out new forms of marketing.

Bonus: Kids love story time. So tell a great story. Who doesn’t love that?

With all the options that abound in Internet marketing, it can get a little overwhelming trying to figure out a marketing strategy. That is why sometimes it easier to take a step back and focus on what types of marketing works and which strategies best target the customers a business is looking for. These 10 things you can learn about kids from marketing could help you sharpen your focus on what’s important to your business.

Author: +Jason Nelson

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