10 Best Ways to Spend $500 in Online Marketing

Having a professional, visually appealing, mobile optimized website with compelling calls to action is an important step in capturing visitors on the Web and being able to effectively promote your business. But having the website up and running is only the first step towards the larger goal of using it as a powerful marketing tool to help you be at the forefront of your industry.

So what do you do once your website is built and how do you prioritize the different marketing mediums available to your business? We make our picks for ten ways to spend $500 in online marketing and start developing an integrated marketing approach that get results.

1. 3 New High Quality Articles For Your Website

Small and medium-sized businesses too often ignore the value of Web content. If you want to rank in the search engines for keywords that benefit to your business, it’s imperative to have high quality, relevant content that interests, engages, and helps your customers find what they’re looking for.

In addition to keeping your website fresh and the content’s potential SEO value, the new content can also be used in a wide variety of marketing mediums such as social media organic posts, social media ads, video, newsletters, brochures, or other print marketing.

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2. Set up and Optimize Social Media Pages/Profiles

You may already have a Facebook page, Twitter, or YouTube account, but it’s also important to claim and develop your company’s presence on other networks such as Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In addition to connecting with customers, having profiles set up can provide SEO, employee recruiting, and reputation management benefits among others. Other social networks you may also want to consider being active on include Slideshare and Tumblr.

By having social media accounts set up with your logo and well written descriptions listing your products and services can help more people find you online. It also can help provide the impetus needed to start taking more advantage of opportunities on the social Web.

3. A Short Professional Video to Promote Your Business

Video can be used to demonstrate and showcase your company’s products and services, provide useful information, or just have fun and connect with your customers. It can really capture an audience in a way text or pictures alone can’t. Video can be embedded on your website, used on social media, for email marketing, or even for a television ad.

4. A New Logo

When’s the last time you changed your business’ logo? For many businesses, it’s been years since they made changes or created a completely new logo. A new logo can help revitalize your image and allow your business to stand out in a fresh, new way. Your logo can be used in all your marketing and branding, online and offine, making implementing a new logo a wide reaching endeavor.

5. An Onsite SEO Report

Your website may have been professional designed, but search engine ranking factors may not have been at the forefront in its development. SEO friendly title tags, descriptions with compelling calls to action, other meta data set up, keyword usage, content quality and layout, page load speed, and semantic markup language may not have been set up or optimally implemented on your website.

An analysis and evaluation can serve as a road map to improve your website and fix factors that affect your website’s ability to rank in Google and improve its performance. It can be well worth the cost. It also shows the value in having an SEO professional involved in the website development.

In addition to on-website SEO report, business may also benefit from an offsite SEO evaluation analyzing what you’ve done to date, what your competitors are doing, and where there are opportunities to boost your search engine rankings.

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6. Design and Coding for a Custom Email Marketing Template

Email marketing can be an effective way to stay on the minds of your customer and deliver news, useful information, and other engaging content in a cost-effective manner.

Having a professionally designed mobile-friendly email newsletter template that’s ready to use can help you efficiently and easily distribute content. It also give your emails the look and feel you want to present your brand and content favorably and with a high open and response rate.

7. Google AdWords Campaign Set Up

Advertising on Google AdWords can give you real estate on the first page of the Google rankings for the targeted keywords your customers are searching. But AdWords is a complex advertising platform and there’s a real science to optimizing your ads and achieving the most prominent rankings.

Having a professional set up your AdWords campaigns with your products, extensions ads, write and test the ad copy, optimize keywords, and ad group structure among other traks is important in running successful campaigns in a competitive environment.

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8. A Professionally Designed Landing Page for your Website

If you’re running search engine or social media ads, you want to send visitors to a page that compels them to take action. Whether it is a phone call, submitting their information to a form, or responding to an offer or event, having a professionally designed landing page can have a dramatic impact on response and conversion rates.

9. Visually Appealing Header Image Designs for Facebook, Twiiter, and YouTube

The header image is likely the first thing visitors see when they come to your social media page. You want to create a visually rich and interesting presence on social media and having engaging, professional header graphics that pop can help your brand stand out. Headers and profile images can be designed to fit the different image dimension sizes and audiences on social media.

10. Live Chat Service Design/Implementation onto Website

Offering live chat, which can be set up to be sent directly to your cell phone, can help increase your conversion rate of website visitors. $500 can typically cover purchasing the rights to use a live chat service, the design used for the live chat graphics, and having the code set up on your website. Live chat service usually has a charge per qualified lead thereafter, but there are quite a few options.

Putting it All Together

These ten top ways to spend $500 in online marketing can help make a real impact for business especially cumulative. You can spend quite a bit more than $500 for these services as prices and quality vary considerably. However, with a bit of time, research, and sweat, some of these initiatives could even be done by yourself or by staff with minimal cost.

There are lots of other ways to spend $500 to market your business online, which may include:

– Social media posting/strategy
– Advertising on search engines or social media
– Making minor design changes to your website
– Developing an infographic
– Having graphics/inspirational messages prepared for use on your social media/website
– Having business review forms prepared that encourage and make it easier for customers to leave reviews for your business on Google and other websites.

Each of these above ten best ways to spend $500 in online marketing are offered by Ascent Internet Marketing in this price range. We can help you develop and implement the building blocks needed for a more integrated and robust marketing system. While’s it’s important to have a holistic view, it’s also crucial to prioritize which of these tools can help your business and better reach customers and drive more sales.

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