Do You Know What Daymond John Does When He Buys a Business?

If you’ve seen the TV show Shark Tank, you probably know who Daymond John is. He founded the highly successful apparel company FUBU, which has billions in sales. He’s gone on to invest in dozens of thriving businesses, and has an estimated net worth of a quarter billion. And he’s one of the Sharks on Shark Tank.

If you’ve seen the show, you probably see the dollar amount the entrepreneur received for a share of their business. You might think of cash in the bank, an influx of resources, and funding for all the business’ needs.

But the reality of what actually happens behinds the scenes can be quite different…

Scale For Growth

What typically happens when Shark Daymond John invests in a business, is that one of the first things he does is insist they implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation system in the business. He does this so they attract more customers, grow sales, and save time.

The system that Daymond John uses and we use here at ASCENT is Infusionsoft.

This is just one of the reasons I went and become an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. I want to be able to help business’ use the powerful sales and marketing technology to grow business the way successful entrepeneurs do. And that’s available to them at a relatively low cost to grow and scale their business.

But it’s not about the system, it’s about what it can do for your business.

Enhance Your Business’ Value

We’d love for one of our clients go on Shark Tank. Their success is our success.

We just want them to be way ahead of the game when they get there, get all that cash, and when they get all that publicity, they can capture and monetize traffic to the fullest. With a marketing automation system in place working for their business, they can do that.

And they’re much more likely to get a higher evaluation for their company, at least from one of the sharks 🙂

Would you like to learn more about this secret weapon smart entrepreneurs use to transform their business?

Grab a copy of the 25 Ways to Automate Your Business on the link below now.

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